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Thursday, August 14, 2014

My Fave At Home Workouts

I have to admit, working out is not something that comes naturally to me. I don't particularly enjoy it or find it pleasurable. Shocking, I know. Because of this, I try to make working out at home as painless as possible. I do own an elliptical and kettlebells, so I use those on the regular, but when I am not using them I love all of the workouts below!

Piloxing: I took this as a class for a few months and loved it! This DVD is the exact same as the class, except there is no bumping music. Oh, and there is a token chubby girl hidden in the back. 

Blogilates: This girl has some of the most fun workouts I've done. She constantly has challenges and calendars up on her site that can be difficult, but rewarding! I love that she integrates current pop music into her videos and explains/cues very well. At times, she can be a little too much, but overall amazing!
10 Minute Solutions DVDs: This may sound like a cop out, but I actually really like these DVDs. If you are in a hurry, you can choose to do one 10 minute segment if you've got more time you can create your own workout. I generally like to do a 30 mintue targeted workout if I have done something else. I just found a kettlebell one, but I haven't seen any reviews on it yet.

Kama Fitness: This is another website with TONS of workouts! I love that moves are explained well and the workouts are generally fast and quick. She also does a variety of workouts, so it is not one specific style (i.e. yoga). I linked below to one of her kettlebell workouts that I really enjoy. 

Tone it Up: I have to admit this was a pinterst find for me. I troll Pinterest like it's nobodies business and saw one of their workout calendars. These two women are fun, easy to follow, and come up with workout calendars that target specific things (i.e. Bikini Series). 

What are your favorite at home workouts? Have you done any of these before?


  1. i love pop pilates + the tone it up girls!

  2. I love Blogilates and Tone it Up. Will have to try the kettlebell video. I love working out with those.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing my blog! I'm so glad to hear you are enjoying my workouts!! ;)

  4. I've been following the Tone it Up girls- so good!

  5. How very cool thanks for sharing.

  6. i'd heard ot TIU, but not the others, so thanks for t he new-to-me reccs :)


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