Friday, June 28, 2013

High Five For Friday!

link up courtesy of Darla at The Good Life Blog

I am f-ing pumped for this weekend! Wanna know why?

1. Today I am shopping for engagement photo clothes with my Ma. Wish us luck.

2. One of my besties, Kala, is taking our engagement photos tomorrow (Saturday). Feel free to submit links to the most awkward engagement photos you've ever seen below. Here is an example:
Hope she has her mace with her....
photo via Huffington Post
3. I bought Straw-ber-ritas and a box of wine last night. I call this winning.  Click here for proof  Tracie1213 #cardboardeaux

4. My Pops is going to fix the hose leak in my car on Sunday. BAM! Gotta make that baby last a few more years. I totally took the car to Advance Auto on my own and had them run the code reader. And by did this on my own, I actually mean my Ma told me what to do, so I did :) 

5. The Mister starts his week long staycation with me as of 4:30 today. I started my staycation at the end of May. I hearts having a job in the school system. 

What are your fun plans for this weekend?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lots of Speedos....

The Mister participated in the Corporate Challenge for his work. It's like the Olympics for middle-aged corporate America. I'm sure everyone was thinking, "I swam in high school. How hard can this be?" At least, that's what the Mister was thinking. 

Needless to say, I've spent the past few days looking at lots of weiners in speedos. Now that might sound like a lot of fun, but let me tell you middle age men in speedos ARE NOT the same as the high school swim meets you remember. 

There was a lot of hair.... Everywhere. There were some very awkwardly placed tramp stamps (yes, on men) and some even more awkward lumps and bumps visible. I covertly took photographic evidence. Not of the worst, I felt that would be unfair (and I didn't want that memory forever etched into my mind), but of the middle of the road that was there in droves. 

In one of his events, the Mister got put with some true Olympic athletes. These homies were talking about their personal best and records from last year. I mean who takes it that serious? While I thought the Mister did amazeballs, he came in last in that heat. But, he was the worst of the best, so that's saying something right? Overall, he came in 11th out of 35-40ish people in all of his events. 

The Mister aka Sexy Beast 

Do men wear speedos where you live? 
What's your worst speedo spotting?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Don't Shake the Baby!

Sami's Shenanigans

I guess we could say my weekend started on Thursday. I met up with a friend who I hadn't seen in a LONG time. She also happens to also be named Tracy :) Well, let's just say 6 glasses of wine, two shots, and one awkward dance on an empty dance floor later I was very kindly dropped of at home by Tracy. Keepin' it classy! 

Friday, one of my besties took me to get my car bright and early, as I was super paranoid it would get towed. Was it towed? Nope, but I got a ticket for overnight parking. There's no way out of this ticket either, they took a picture of my car! A picture! After a long day of hydrating I went to the Royals game. Where my friend Jen and I left after the 3rd inning, as they were losing that badly. Royals, you have one job! Stop disappointing me!

Saturday was a big, fat, lot of nothing. Worth it! 

Sunday, a baby shower for a friend from high school. My friend Jen and I went together. When asked to write advice to the new mother here was our list:
1. Don't shake the baby!
2. Don't leave it in the car with the windows rolled up. 
3. When hosing it down, do it in the backyard so the neighbors don't judge you. 

It's a good thing that we don't want kids, right? 

I leave you with a picture of something that somewhere someone thought was a good idea. 
bag of babies

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Just Starting Out... Any Advice?

Not gonna lie, I thought it'd be fun and easy to start a blog. I mean you write about what you're doing. How hard is that? 

Well, it's harder than you think. I'm struggling with knowing how much is too much. Do you want to see me drinking my Cabernet straight from the bottle? Do you care what my peeps look like? (Hello, we're all b-e-a-u-tiful, duh!). Do you want to see me looking like a sweaty beast post-workout? I mean, I don't even want to see me that way. 

Also, in my head the f-bomb gets thrown A LOT. But, I gotta filter that shiz out so as not to offend any new friends I might make. And I want friends. Besides chronicling what is going on in my life, I wanted to meet new people and see what's up in their life. Fun, right?! I was totes already creepin on blogs, so why not make it official?

The other difficult part is the actual setting up a blog. I'm not very tech savvy (Hello, I still have a Nokia phone!) and trying to figure out how to make buttons and write html code is hard. That's why peeps ask to get paid to do this stuff. But, I'm broke. There ain't no way to pay in this girls budget. 

What was the hardest part for you when you first started? 
Anyone have any advice for a newbie? I would love to hear it!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ipsy Glam Bag

I received my Ipsy Glam Bag in the mail this weekend! Yes, I do get both Birchbox and Ipsy, but I plan on canceling one of them. I decided to give both a try for a few months, then make an informed decision. Until then, it's like Christmas twice a month! 

This month, I received NYX cream blush, Cailyn Cosmetics purple gel liner, Chella ivory lace highlighter, J. Cat Beauty body glitter palette, and Starlooks lip liner. 

I'm not sure who they thought was going to wear the J. Cat body glitter, as I am not a Guidette, nor a 12 year old with Bieber fever. In the picture, I am wearing the lip liner as a lipstick, the purple gel liner (which gives a nice pop!), the highlighter, and the blush. 

I've never used a cream blush before and I have to admit, I was somewhat intimidated. The NYX cream blush went on easily and smoothly, delivering a pretty, natural pink flush. I liked using the highlighter pencil on my brow bone, but other than that I used my normal concealer everywhere else. I loved the pop of color that the purple gel liner added to the mix--- it made me feel like my everyday look was enhanced and slightly bolder. 

Have you tried cream blush before? Are you a fan of colored liners? What are your favorites?

Monday, June 17, 2013

What I Did This Weekend....

Sami's Shenanigans

This was a really long, jam packed weekend! There was Relay For Life, a showing of our rental house, appliance hunting, and Father's Day. 

The Relay for Life of Shawnee goes from 6pm Friday - 6am Saturday. I am totes lame and get there to set up around 1pm and then leave at midnight. I am old balls and can't sleep outside.  My besties and I are in charge of registration and making sure things run smooth. I don't know if I would trust me to do this, but obviously someone does :) 

Saturday, I got up and CLEANED! Our landlord showed our house at 11 and to be honest I haven't cleaned in a hot minute so it had a slight dog funk that needed to be remedied. Nothing that Mr. Clean couldn't handle though. 

After, the Mister and I took the longest nap in the known universe and started getting ready to go look at new stuff for our house! Then, just like in a B horror flick, the power went out while I was in the shower. IN THE SHOWER! I thought I was going to die, as the Mister had left to go grab a coffee and the power immediately goes out. I mean that only happens in Scream. 

 After my death defying moment of showering in the dark, we went shopping for the house. Which actually turned into me staring longingly at all of the purple and the Mister chilling in the crazy zero gravity chairs. Fun was had by all. 

My dream couch. I NEED this!

Sunday, we celebrated Father's Day with my Pops and Mom. We ate at Logan's Roadhouse. It was the first time the Mister and I have eaten there, it was pretty good! They set a big bucket of peanuts on the table and the best warm rolls. YUMM-O! Of course, I attempted to keep it healthy by having a small steak, steamed broccoli, and side salad.... With 3 glasses of wine and rolls :)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

June Birchbox

Has anyone tried Birchbox yet? This is my third month getting it and I am finding it hit or miss. I also receive Ipsy, which is the exact same concept. I'll let you know what I get in my June Ipsy when it gets here :) I'm trying to decide which I'd rather subscribe to so they each get a few months of my hard earned cash money.

This month in my Birchbox, I received a Birchbox Color Club nail polish in London Calling, Juicy Couture's Couture La La, Mirenesse Glossy Kiss Lipstick, stila face the day moisturizing gel cream, and Violet Oasis Therapeutic Body Butter.

So far, I've tried all of the sample except the body butter. By try, I mean put them on immediately and I've worn them since.

The perfume smells like a doctors office. No joke, I put it on and the Mister told me I smelled like a maxi pad. Then he said, no just rubbing alcohol. Here I was waiting to experience the bliss of being a little punk rock, a lot of free spirit, classic Juicy. I eagerly awaited blends of bright sparkling mandarin with bold white florals. Instead, I get maxi pad. And don't ask how the Mister knows what a maxi pad smells like.

The lipstick is the shiz! I heart it. It is a soft pink color that goes well with any makeup you chose. It doesn't dry out your lips (which I struggle with) and lasts for hours. The nail polish is billed as a neon pastel, which is def is. For a mint polish, I prefer my Ice mint nail polish that I get for $2 bucks at Wal-Mart. The color is more like the upper right hand picture. What do you think?

on nails: London Calling
La Mirenesse Glossy Kiss Lipstick
stila face the day
Couture La La 

Have you tried Birchbox? What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How Do You Stay Motivated?


 One of my fave things that I do is creep on blogs. Like hardcore. But, not in a creepy way. One of the best blogs is Skinny Meg. She posts some of the most motivational and honest things I've ever read. She helps me to stay motivated to go hard, even when I'm not feeling it. 

So..... as for the not feeling motivated. I work a part-time, on-call job at a homeless shelter for teens and as such I work rando shifts when people call in sick, when the shelter is understaffed, or for any reason. My day job is at a school district, so I am used to the 7:50-3:30 set schedule (spoiled I know). Last night, I worked 6pm-1am and got off late. Tonight, I work 10pm-5am. Ugh, no motivation all I want to do is sleep. 

Instead, I decided to link up to Meg's workout Wednesday as motivation. I'm working on getting my sexy into some skinnier skinny jeans. Today, I just went with a warmup of Blogilates. I did the Day#3 videos. Then, I got my elliptical on :) A nice solid 30 minutes of doing resistance intervals. This shit ain't pretty, but I did it and that's what matters. BAM!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

Sami's Shenanigans
So.... We had a super long, fun-filled weekend. 

On Friday, the Mister and I went on a cheap date night to spend some stress free time together. If you are ever in the KC area and love some good, cheap Mexican go to Mi Ranchito. They have the best 'ritas! We usually do cheap date nights on Fridays to spend a little down time with each other. Then we hang out around the house. 

On Saturday, we got up and I made a super healthy breakfast for us :) For me, an Eggbeaters, turkey sausage, and sharp cheddar omelet. For the Mister, an Eggbeaters, shredded Mexican chicken (left overs), black olives, sundried tomato omelet with salsa on top. YUM-O!!!
After spending the day running errands, we had one of my besties come over and grill before the Royals game. Were there was another Royals win! Woot! Are there any sports you love to watch?

Sunday we went house shopping :) Still attempting to find our dream home on a budget. We did find one good house, which we had my Pops come look at during a showing on Monday. It looks like a contender! After, we went to dinner with the Mister's dad, Big Poppa.  It's always a great night when we have Sunday dinner.

"Tailgating" before the game
At the Royals!
hanging out

Friday, June 7, 2013

5 on Friday

Good to see you back :) It's a 5 on Friday post!

I got this from Darci over at The Good Life Blog and am excited that this is my first link up! Here's how it goes:

On Fridays, you blog about  5 things .... things that you're loving, things that are on your mind,, whatever.  Really, any five things --- how easy is that?!

So... drum roll please... My 5 things are:

1. Cancer Sucks. I volunteer on the local Relay for Life committee and we had our annual Survivor Dinner last night. It was a blast! My bestie, Jen, planned and organized it. It was a great success and I am really proud that she was able to put together an event to honor our cancer survivors and caregivers. If you want info on Relay, give me a shout!

Survivor Dinner 2013

2. Instagram. I am obsessed with Instagram lately. I heart creepin on other peoples photos and looking at what cool things everyone is doing that I am not. bahaha! I also like looking at it for motivation. If you follow other people who are working out and posting #sweatypics you want to too! You can find me @Tracie1213. I love to follow +Blogilates on Instagram. She is a great motivator.

I want a Vitamix, but the Nutrabullet will do for now :) I love my Vibrams for doing Pilates and yoga-- my sweaty little feet don't slip. I use the blogilates beginner calendar to supplement my other workouts. Love it!

3. Green Smoothies. I love them. They sound gross (and sometimes look gross), but they taste good and fill me up! I love berries (esp. frozen strawberries), vanilla protein powder, mixed berry greek yogurt, and spinach smoothies. They taste amazeballs!

4. Summer. I work for a school district (shout out to school social workers!) and I get my summers off (pretty much). So far, my summer has been jammed packed, but I have been to one Royals game, some KC Sporting games (soccer), and am going to my next Royals game tomorrow! Soooo excited!

5. Wine. Since it's summer all I've been doing is working at my on call job, helping plan Relay and Survivor Dinner, doing some focus groups for my full-time job, and drinking wine. What kind of wine you ask? Cheap. That is all. No specific brand, doesn't even have to be in a bottle, it can come from a box, as long as it is cheap. What is your fave wine? I love recommendations :)


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hello, World!

Me and the Mister
Hi, I'm Tracie!

Some of my favorite things:
glitter, wine, shopping, happy hour, making recipes healthy,  beer,
getting gifts (hello, Birchbox and Ipsy!), makeup,

reality tv (Tamra Barney has no idea we are BFFs), creeping on blogs,
 attempting to be crafty (Pinterest, I just can't quit you!), 
rando dance parties, and playing with my crazy boxers.

Tigger (the Striped Dog)
Ginger (the Blonde Dog)

Currently, I am planning my wedding (summer 2014) ,
saving up to buy a house with the Mister, and
working at getting my sexy back into some skinnier skinny jeans.

Thanks for taking a peek into the Everyday happenings of my life.
Grab a drink and join me on this journey into the blogging world.

I'm so happy to have you here and can't wait to meet you all!