Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ok, ok I get it.

Ok, ok, I get it. The World Series cannot take over my life. Gotcha (insert stank eye here). Bahhaha ya'll thought wrong. It is still taking over my life. So, here is what I have been doing since the Royals have been in the World Series.

- Continuing my Royals Paper Doll Collection. What? This isn't a true collection? Well, since I plan to put it in a hoarders box and keep them FOREEEVER (Sandlot style), then yes it is now a collection. I now have all of the outfield, the bull pen, the designated hitter, AND my mom made me an ALC trophy. Nobody else in the world will have a trophy made out of spray paint lids.

- Reading all the articles: Did you know that multiple Royals wear Victoria's Secret perfume? That's why all the ump's love Salvy so much. Fact.

Watching all the videos:

Jason Vargas tries to walk on 3 balls.

Here's the team reaction (and George) to Jason starting to walk.

This video of Salvy (the catcher). It shows his personality in less than a minute... and her obliviousness.

- Looking at all the gifs and memes.

If you didn't know, Hunter Strickland (pitcher for the Giants) started screaming at Salvy from the mound. Salvy being himself, got all confused and shrugged. Hence all the memes from above. 

Here is what Strickland was yelling: "Get in the dugout, boy" Keepin' it classy. 

Oh, in case you were wondering--- I heart me some Salvy and Gabriel is totally aware.  Honestly, I heart the whole team. They are so funny and real.

If we lose tonight it's all over. Enough said. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Party Like it's 1985!

In case you weren't aware, let me tell you--- the ROYALS are going to the World Series!!! This is such a big deal it isn't even funny. 

What are some other things that happened in glorious year of 1985?
  • I was born. 
  • "We are the World" came out 
  • rapper T-Pain was born 
  • Nintendo was released 
Now, for your enjoyment here are some photos of Tuesday nights game (Game 3) in the American League Championship Series. 

And some from Game 4, the Championship winning game!

I leave you with my houseguests for the month of Blue October: Lo-Cain, Hoz, Gordo, and Nori. 

I have to admit, they're kinda loud, messy houseguests :) 

Who are you rooting for?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Humpday Confessions

It's Wednesday, so I'm humping along. Come join the Humpday Confessions at Vodka and Soda. 
This is all I am doing with my life right now. I'm not even trying to hide it. Although I do love all the rants I see people tweeting, facebooking (who even does that anymore?), Instagraming, etc. about fair weather fans. It makes me laugh, because nobody is being fair weather, KC just hasn't had anything to be excited about.

I really like to cook, but I hate to clean up... so, I haven't been cooking lately. I'm just not feeling it. On the plus side, that means less trash to take out, right? 

I have been missing calls, texts, etc from people who don't have an iPhone. Turns out I have to update  to iOS8.2 or I don't have the full use of my phone. Well played Apple. Well played. The best part of all this? I had no idea I was missing calls/texts and just enjoyed the peace and quiet. 

I get paid monthly. On the 20th of each month. FML. Well, I looked at my paycheck and it was like the heavens opened up and angels were singing. I finally got paid for the night classes I taught in August and September. So, it's like what a paycheck should look like in my head. You know, the ones were you do the math on your salary and forget about taxes, thinking I'm rich bitch! 

Vodka and Soda

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall Target Lusts

Target does it again, ya'll! There are so many cute options for fall and all at a reasonable price.  When I was looking at their website, I wanted to buy ALL THE CLOTHES! I have also seen some other bloggers rocking kids size in some items, so don't be ashamed to go look there! One, it may be more fitted and two it may be CHEAPER!

What is on your Target wish list? 

Friday, October 10, 2014

What You Love Link-Up

Tia from Hands on. Pants off. has started a new link up. It is to promote positivity out here in the blog world. I.e. people get all Mean Girls and go burn book style on bloggers and it can make you feel like crap. So, enter in the Promote What You Love Link-Up. It's all rainbows and sunshine. No joke. It's all about sharing with others who you have been loving lately--- a blogger who inspires you or that you just love her clothes, it doesn't matter. It's just about spreading the positive vibes.

Obviously, I got to throw Tia out there. I mean girl decided to bust balls and put this link-up together because of some douche-lords who make people feel like crap. Tia is legit. She puts it all out there, all the while drinking a cocktail. It doesn't hurt that she has a big ol English bulldog, who reminds me of the boxers. She has an awesome sense of humor and always puts a positive spin on everything. Go check her out, right now!

 I'm also going to share with you a blog that I love to creep on, just because this bitch is mad feisty and is always saying what's on her mind. She doesn't have a picture or button up for me to post...so all you get is a link. Kathy over at Vodka and Soda is one of my main reads. She always says the things that I wish I could and lives life with no fucks given. Which is how we all should live. She also hosts the Humpday Confessions link-up that is my favorite link-up. As much as I love to see crock-pot recipes and how to wear a plaid scarf link-ups, I get down on hers. It's all about admitting those dirty little secrets in the back of your mind, that you wouldn't ordinarily admit to. If you haven't checked her out, get on it!   Twitter   Instagram   Bloglovin

Promote Love  

Who are you loving right now? Share below!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Humpday Confessions

Vodka and Soda

There are no rhyme or reason to this weeks confessions, they just are what they are. That being said, here we go. 

- It is crazy clothes day at school and I didn't even realize, because all the kids look exactly the same as normal. I even complimented one girl on her purple cheetah leggings and she told me it was her "crazy costume". I have no style apparently. Also, this is what the majority of the boys look like: 

- All I want in my life right now is to watch the Royals play. The Royals have not made the Post Season since 1985... and I wasn't even born yet. So this is a life changing moment for me. Legit. And I love that Gabriel is super into it too. Now, all we need is tickets to the game in KC. 

- I have been canceling on things just to stay home. It's not that I don't want to go to events, but when I think about the money or time, I just think, "nope. Not doing it." and I don't move from my house. I feel bad, then I don't. It's a double edged sword. 

- I had to go tell the principal that if a kid came to her saying there was some woman in the boys bathroom telling a little boy to put on his pants... it was me. There was a kindergartner in there saying he was "gettin nakey" so a teacher came and got me. My response? I walk in see him sitting on the stall floor with his pants around his ankles and no shoes, so I take the shoes and say, "when you're ready you can have your shoes back." His response? "But I'm NOT nakey." my mature adult response, "put on your pants and let's go." Just as some other kid walks in. #FML But, he did put on his pants, wash his hands then come in the hallway and put on his shoes. #win 

me too,  little guy. Me too. 

What's up with you?

Monday, October 6, 2014

Mondays are For...

Catching up! I always feel like I spend Monday catching up on what everyone did this past weekend and catching up on shit I didn't get done the previous week. So, in the spirit of catching up, here is what I have been up to... this past week since I didn't blog :)

I decorated for Halloween, my fave of fave holidays! I love to see the kids all dressed up and the creativity that goes into costumes. Last year, we had an older boy, probably 12 who came wearing a wrapped box and the tag said "God's gift to women". I LOVED IT! The easiest and most creative costume I had ever seen!

I also made the dogs try on Halloween costumes... Tigger, he totally doesn't mind. Ginger? 100% stank face. She doesn't have time for my bullshit and lets it be known. Fun hater. 

I decided that since most festivals and fairs are free and there are a TON of them within driving distance, that would be "our" new hobby. I LOVE to go to them and G is learning to like them, so it's a win-win. We went to Cider Fest in Louisburg, KS. There was live music, craft booths, and a pumpkin patch. We got fresh cider, apple cider donuts, I got a carmel apple, and G got local root beer. YUM!

Monday night football. Need I say more? Last Monday, we tailgated from 2pm-forever. It was pretty glorious. AND the Chiefs whooped ass, which made it even better! I have to say, even though it was a 10 hour event, I made sure to keep my sunscreen on and behave like a responsible adult. Well, as responsible as you can be at a Chiefs game.

Our siding is FINALLY going up!!! YAY! There were layers of shake shingle underneath the siding and they found rot in some places due to the improper care of the house, so we got all that fixed. Our house is going to be totally legit once this is all said and done. Notice the photo bombers in the door?

Enrique and Pitbull happened. Or should I say Mr. Worldwide? Bahahah I love that Pitbull performs with a big screen of all the singers playing behind him, it just makes me laugh and I can't help that! I looked super cute, but took 0 pictures. Bad blogger. 


 The Royals swept the ALDS!!! We all know I heart me some Royals, so I have stayed up watching every extra inning and screaming at the tv. Not only did they win, they rocked the face off the Angels. They played some of the best baseball I've seen in a really, really long time!

Go Royals!

How are you rooting for?