Friday, February 28, 2014

I Do Sassy....

This week has been a little all over the place. I swear to sweet baby jesus that people were just trying to work my nerves.

There is a lot of stuff going down at work and there was a big ol' meeting where little ol' me made the mistake of asking questions. Where I work, you are mostly expected to just smile and nod. Or as I like to say, sit and look pretty. So, me asking questions was taken as me challenging.


 So, as I am asking my questions the room full of ladies I work with totally did the tennis match style watch. Ya'll know what I'm talking about-- where your head swivels back and forth to watch each person. Yeah, like that. I didn't realize it was that deep. Apparently, it was.

In the end, I didn't have a great realization. I didn't get any questions answered. I don't know what is happening  But, I realized that I like having a job with summers off and working with kids, so I should just keep my sassy pants at home and sit and smile and nod. 

The best part? It's Friday and I still got lots of BS to do. But, I can totes put on my big girl panties and deal. Cuz, Friday is Mexican food with margarita date night!!! oh, yeah! I also got some answers on my knee, woot! AND we get to pick out the flooring that is going in on our kitchen due to the water damage!!! See, good shiz happens all the time :) 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Cara Box Reveal!

I again participated in the Cara Box exchange hosted by Wifessionals. I love the fact that the exchange is now over a 3 month period versus a 1 month. I felt like I got to know my partners so much more! The theme was Shine and we were encouraged to find what makes our partners shine and carefully craft a box around this. I loved this theme! I felt like it made it so much easier to make a personalized goody box, versus having a nautical or some other "theme" theme.

In the past, Kaitlyn has matched up partners based on whether or not they have a blog. Starting with this exchange period, the swap is now based around Instagram. Therefore, to participate, you must have a way to post to and follow people on Instagram. The requirement was also given that you must post at least once a week to Instagram. I loves me some Instagram, but I can go days with no posts, then go selfie crazy (becuase yes, I consider pics of Tig and Ginger to be a form of a selfie) and post 5 times in 24 hours. I like this requirement only meh.  I feel like my blog says more about me than my Instagram account does.... and  it's easier getting to know people by reading their blogs.

Not only was there a theme, but we were paired by STATE! I felt like this was almost a theme in and of itself.

I sent a box to Shelbey who lives in Haviland, Ks. Now, don't go asking me where that is. I could tell you for like a day (cuz I googled it, duh.) after we got paired. Shelbey is the sweetest ever! She is a stay at home momma of 2 (both of whom are adorbs), a pinterest addict (like me), and runs her own etsy business! She is busy, busy, busy! Her etsy shop, ShopMissyMoo has the cutest headbands! The toddler/adult sizes even fit my big bobble head! Once I saw how cute the headbands are I had to get some! I put pictures of the greatness up on Instagram so go look there!

I also got paired with Dara who lives, like, 5 seconds from me. I can go all creeper status now. LOL! Totally joking, I just say that because both her hubby and my future hubs said that we were going to meet a serial killer. Yup, you heard right. We met up! It was my first "blate" and in bad blogger fashion, we took no photos. We spent time talking, laughing and getting to know each other in real life. I was so nervous, but we had a ton of laughs! I can't wait to meet up with her again! We had so much more in common than I think both of us realized. I mean, you can't always tell a sense of humor via email. We both love to knit (I am still a total beginner but I love to try), are social workers, love to watch tv, like to try beauty products, and enjoy life.  I did take photos of the box that she gave me. I got such good stuff! All of my friends love my new wine opener and tags! And the candle has gotten good use!

Cara Box

Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Kitchen...

My kitchen is a hot mess right now. I decided to stop being upset and just be glad that we (hopefully) have a really good insurance company who is going to get this shit fixed quickly and (again, hopefully) cheaply for me and my boo thang.

It is gross and disgusting, but could have been worse. The dehumidifiers and fans are all out of our house (we also had them in 2 other rooms), so now we are waiting to get estimates for repairs. I am glad that the crew who did the clean up were so flexible and open to dogs. Ginger and Tigger decided they needed to make friends and supervise this entire process. The guys on the crew were all really nice and didn't get mad that Ginger tried to rape their faces with her tongue and that Tigger likes to stand and watch right next to your face.

 It took about twice as long to dry everything out as it should have because moisture kept coming UP from under the subflooring. So, they removed the subflooring and found that we have a crack in our foundation. Oh, and at one point had really sweet white and black checkered floors.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Life Happens

After my last post, I realized that while I did need my cry fest, life happens. Shit happens in real life and I don't hide it. I get happy, sad, angry and I am not going to hide it as this is all about my everyday life. And my everyday life right now is hectic, but I am choosing to see the positive in all of this big pile of doo doo. Here are some of the highlights of the past few days.
To make myself feel good, I always put on makeup and take a little time with my hair. I mean, one I meet with people all day (kids are people too) and two I like to feel good. And hearing, "Ms. Tracie your eyes are sparkly! They pretty!" does make me feel good. And when the guy at the McDonald's drive thru, whom I see once a week for my egg white d-light, tells me "you lookin good today!" it boosts my spirits. I'm pretty easy to please just feed me and tell me I'm pretty.  
My uncle scored some of the coveted chocolate ale. YUM! He also had us over for a delish dinner that he cooked and sent us home with a bottle of our own. If you have never had Boulevard Beer you NEED to try it. It is brewed here in Kansas City and is the shiz!
My boo thang sent me the most gorgeous flowers to work. He said he sent them to work to make all the other beavers jealous... He sure knows the way to a girls heart.
Anyone see something wrong with this picture? Just look until you figure it out, then leave a comment letting me know. Cuz this shit wasn't too funny.
And then Gabriel does this, while I am fixing the sink. He is such a douchnozzle sometimes. And yes, the date is correct--- It was Valentine's Day and I changed to fix the sink. The moment of glory in this moment is that I FIXED THE SINK and IT WASN'T MY HAIR CLOGGING IT! I get shit all the time about my hair being all over the bathroom and how it logs drains, but it wasn't me! In yo face!
I had a great hair day on Sunday and was feelin pretty fancy so I put on blinging earrings. My mom and I went and rented some vintage party decorations from a local company. This wedding shiz is coming together!
Monday, was a holiday so there was no work! I went to the specialist my doc referred me to and they think I have a torn meniscus, so I go for my MRI on Wed morning. Hopefully, it is a strain and nothing more severe. The positive in this was the awesome paper pants I got to wear. I mean nothing is sweeter than paper pants that give you a moose knuckle.
DOES ANYONE KNOW GOOD WORKOUTS THAT I CAN DO WITH THIS INJURY? That is an all important one. If you do have any knowledge of ways I can stay active without putting  pressure on my knee, I would love to know. I can't do squats, ride the elliptical, or stretch... So, what does one do?
We are still working on figuring out the kitchen. Currently, we are living with a black hole in our wall as they dry it out. We also have a hole in the floor as they dry it out. I will post some pictures asap :)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Just a Little of My Cray Cray

Confession time. I am a closet crier. I like to talk through problems and work them out, but every few weeks/months I need a good cry. This happened Tuesday night when I got home. Things have been a little all over the place for me--- we are 5 months away from our own wedding and finalizing things for that, I am in a May 2nd wedding and helping plan her bridal shower, my knee is busted (thanks, Tigger) and whatever can go wrong is going wrong with our house. I generally take most things in stride and keep my crazy contained, but sometimes I just need a good cry.

I have to go get an MRI on my knee, but to do that I have to go throught the process of getting a referral. Which is stupid. Even my doctor said so Tuesday, as she sent me to get x-rays that in her words won't show anything wrong. Well, why in the world am I paying a co-pay and my 20% of the x-rays if you know they aren't helpful?! Because it is the process. Fine. Just let me wear my old man knee brace and be cool for a few more days.

And our house that we just bought feels like a money pit. I understand we didn't buy a new home, but I didn't realize the heater would go out and a few weeks later the windows in THREE ROOMS would leak the first big snow. Now, we have to do some wall exploration to make sure the insulation and dry-wall isn't going to mold and rot. Do they not understand I need to buy cupcakes and booze for my wedding?! I need my money for that, not a stupid deductible!

So, when I walk in and see all the big tornado fans in the house after spending the afternoon at the doctor in a gown that doesn't tie closed and having a lot of other BS going on, I just started bawling like a baby. Gabriel handled it really well and offered me an ice pack for my gimpy knee and got out my pajamas for me to put on. Such a good guy. After, I was totally fine and went to bed. But, sometimes I just need a good cry. I admit it. I feel like I shouldn’t, but it’s the ugly truth. And I am totally an ugly crier.

I’ll keep you updated on what’s going on with the house and my knee. I gotta be able to wear some hells for my wedding! Oh, and we gotta make sure the house doesn’t fall down on us in our sleep.



Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Must Haves

It's winter and my skin is dry and I feel sorta blah overall. I decided to change some things up in order to boost my spirits. I get used to things and I am lazy- once I find something that I like I stick with it. Unfortunately, that doesn't always go well. So, I decided to try some new things and here is what I am loving right now!

  • StudioGear Impactfull Pro T.L.S. Mascara* is high impact mascara delivering maximum fullness and flare. I generally wear Covergirl and decided to try this instead. I love the extra-large, fluffy brush. It really gives my lashed some va-va-voom!
  • StudioGear Prime Objective Face Primer* is a silicone-based face primer that has optical diffusers further enhance the complexion by lightening and brightening! I have Benefit Flawless 15 hour primer now (the stick) and I actually like the Studio Gear better. It goes on really silky and smooth, only takes a tiny bit for the whole face and makes my make up look fab!
  • CliniqueMoisture Surge Intense is an oil free cream-gel that gives 24 hour hydration. I usually wear normal Clinique moisturizer, so I also love this. It gives my skin that little added dose of hydration it needs during the winter.
  • Neutrogena Nourishing Long Wear Foundation* gives 12 hours of silky, breathable coverage.  I usually wear Covergirl, but I decided to change it all up! I am loving the texture and look of my skin when wearing this. I feel like it provides great coverage, but looks and feels light. The only drawback is the pour bottle. It is hard to get the product out!
  • While I prefer to be a wooly mammoth during the winter, my man friend doesn’t really enjoy that. Since my skin has been really dry and tight this winter, I have been using the Schick Hydro Silk Sensitive Care razor*. And ya’ll this shit is awesome! It has 5 blades (which I prefer) and this awesome moisture serum. Even without lotion, my legs felt better after getting out the shower! I was shocked and impressed.
Even more awesome? If you go to Studio Gear's website and use the code Tracie13 you can 10% off!
*I have received these prodcuts for review purposes. As always, my opinions are honest and uniquely my own!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Dog Behind the Blog

Seeing as others put The Boy Behind the Blog posts up on a regular basis, I thought I would grace everyone with a  Dog Behind the Blog post.  Truthfully, Gabriel knows I blog, but I don't know that I would want his crazy ass writing anything for public consumption. Shit would be cray, so instead you will get to know my roll dog, Tigger.

Tigger came into my life... my last semester of college. By came to me, I mean I really, really wanted a striped dog so my bff from college Jessie and I hunted one down. We searched all over the Lawrence/Kansas City area for the perfect striped dog. I couldn't have a pitt bull because of all the stupid bans on them around here, so I went with a boxer. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. After weeks of searching, Jess and I were at an animal shelter in Ottawa, Ks looking at the dogs and there he was! It was like the heavens parted and a shining light was beaming upon us. Naw, for real though. He was a little bundle of love. He looked crazy and was tiny (for a boxer), with spots of fur missing from being malnourished and getting in fights. I got his balls chopped off and took him home to the duplex on Washington Street.

Tigger and I at the animal shelter

 The date on that picture is a lie. I got Tigger in the fall of 2007. My duplex had a big backyard, but no fence so his ass would get hooked to the leg of our raised patio. He would sit and cry and cry unless we would let him run free. I should have known that would be indicative of the rest of our life together. I tried to name him something super cool-- like Maximillion. Jessie called his stupid self Tigger because of his stripes and love of bouncing 6 feet in the air. Obviously, Tigger won that battle. He would only answer to this name, no matter what bribery I tried.

A lot happened in the first six months that I had Tigger. He played many a game of beer pong, ate many inedible items, destroyed a duplex, and had major surgery. Instead of telling you this all now, I will leave you with a few pictures of the start of our life together.

Tigger and my dad, Big T. can you tell it was love at first sight?

Tigger beign cray cray with his best friend, Butch

Tigger being mean to Butch and making him sleep with his face in his butt #alwaysclassy 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Like a Sloth

This past weekend turned into a total wash. On Friday it started icing at about 4 so I thought I was good to go home. Nope, I had ice on my windshield that was so thick it looked fake, almost ran out of gas on my way home, slid 2 times (and thought I was gonna die), then realized I was just over the day. It was cold, I was tired #overit

Saturday, I had plans to go shopping, but decided not to brave the ice roads, since I saw people slip 'n sliding in their cars down the street. I ain't got time for that. So, I showered and did my hair all nice to sit around my house. I have no problems with bad weather, but if I have bad weather I better get a snow day outta this shit. I am too chicken to drive around on ice, so I wasted a good weekend.

Sunday, I am gonna say it. I DID NOT WATCH THE SUPERBOWL. I love watching the Chiefs. But, I could really give a shit about the Superbowl and other teams. I knew enough to know I didn't feel like putting on pants to go somewhere to watch it, nor did I want people in my house to watch it.