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Friday, February 28, 2014

I Do Sassy....

This week has been a little all over the place. I swear to sweet baby jesus that people were just trying to work my nerves.

There is a lot of stuff going down at work and there was a big ol' meeting where little ol' me made the mistake of asking questions. Where I work, you are mostly expected to just smile and nod. Or as I like to say, sit and look pretty. So, me asking questions was taken as me challenging.


 So, as I am asking my questions the room full of ladies I work with totally did the tennis match style watch. Ya'll know what I'm talking about-- where your head swivels back and forth to watch each person. Yeah, like that. I didn't realize it was that deep. Apparently, it was.

In the end, I didn't have a great realization. I didn't get any questions answered. I don't know what is happening  But, I realized that I like having a job with summers off and working with kids, so I should just keep my sassy pants at home and sit and smile and nod. 

The best part? It's Friday and I still got lots of BS to do. But, I can totes put on my big girl panties and deal. Cuz, Friday is Mexican food with margarita date night!!! oh, yeah! I also got some answers on my knee, woot! AND we get to pick out the flooring that is going in on our kitchen due to the water damage!!! See, good shiz happens all the time :) 

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  1. Mexican is one of my favorite date nights! And I imagine its so hard NOT to ask questions so I give you props for speaking up!


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