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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Dog Behind the Blog

Seeing as others put The Boy Behind the Blog posts up on a regular basis, I thought I would grace everyone with a  Dog Behind the Blog post.  Truthfully, Gabriel knows I blog, but I don't know that I would want his crazy ass writing anything for public consumption. Shit would be cray, so instead you will get to know my roll dog, Tigger.

Tigger came into my life... my last semester of college. By came to me, I mean I really, really wanted a striped dog so my bff from college Jessie and I hunted one down. We searched all over the Lawrence/Kansas City area for the perfect striped dog. I couldn't have a pitt bull because of all the stupid bans on them around here, so I went with a boxer. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. After weeks of searching, Jess and I were at an animal shelter in Ottawa, Ks looking at the dogs and there he was! It was like the heavens parted and a shining light was beaming upon us. Naw, for real though. He was a little bundle of love. He looked crazy and was tiny (for a boxer), with spots of fur missing from being malnourished and getting in fights. I got his balls chopped off and took him home to the duplex on Washington Street.

Tigger and I at the animal shelter

 The date on that picture is a lie. I got Tigger in the fall of 2007. My duplex had a big backyard, but no fence so his ass would get hooked to the leg of our raised patio. He would sit and cry and cry unless we would let him run free. I should have known that would be indicative of the rest of our life together. I tried to name him something super cool-- like Maximillion. Jessie called his stupid self Tigger because of his stripes and love of bouncing 6 feet in the air. Obviously, Tigger won that battle. He would only answer to this name, no matter what bribery I tried.

A lot happened in the first six months that I had Tigger. He played many a game of beer pong, ate many inedible items, destroyed a duplex, and had major surgery. Instead of telling you this all now, I will leave you with a few pictures of the start of our life together.

Tigger and my dad, Big T. can you tell it was love at first sight?

Tigger beign cray cray with his best friend, Butch

Tigger being mean to Butch and making him sleep with his face in his butt #alwaysclassy 


  1. i much prefer dogs to men!!!!!!!!

  2. lol dog behind the blog. I tried to get Dave to do the guy behind the blog thing but he wouldn't! I never realized there was such a thing as a striped dog. Tigger is a cutie!

  3. I love that his name does not go with his look at all! He looks like quite a character!

  4. Hahaha clever post name! Oh I need to get a pet, I LOVE DOGS!!


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