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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Life Happens

After my last post, I realized that while I did need my cry fest, life happens. Shit happens in real life and I don't hide it. I get happy, sad, angry and I am not going to hide it as this is all about my everyday life. And my everyday life right now is hectic, but I am choosing to see the positive in all of this big pile of doo doo. Here are some of the highlights of the past few days.
To make myself feel good, I always put on makeup and take a little time with my hair. I mean, one I meet with people all day (kids are people too) and two I like to feel good. And hearing, "Ms. Tracie your eyes are sparkly! They pretty!" does make me feel good. And when the guy at the McDonald's drive thru, whom I see once a week for my egg white d-light, tells me "you lookin good today!" it boosts my spirits. I'm pretty easy to please just feed me and tell me I'm pretty.  
My uncle scored some of the coveted chocolate ale. YUM! He also had us over for a delish dinner that he cooked and sent us home with a bottle of our own. If you have never had Boulevard Beer you NEED to try it. It is brewed here in Kansas City and is the shiz!
My boo thang sent me the most gorgeous flowers to work. He said he sent them to work to make all the other beavers jealous... He sure knows the way to a girls heart.
Anyone see something wrong with this picture? Just look until you figure it out, then leave a comment letting me know. Cuz this shit wasn't too funny.
And then Gabriel does this, while I am fixing the sink. He is such a douchnozzle sometimes. And yes, the date is correct--- It was Valentine's Day and I changed to fix the sink. The moment of glory in this moment is that I FIXED THE SINK and IT WASN'T MY HAIR CLOGGING IT! I get shit all the time about my hair being all over the bathroom and how it logs drains, but it wasn't me! In yo face!
I had a great hair day on Sunday and was feelin pretty fancy so I put on blinging earrings. My mom and I went and rented some vintage party decorations from a local company. This wedding shiz is coming together!
Monday, was a holiday so there was no work! I went to the specialist my doc referred me to and they think I have a torn meniscus, so I go for my MRI on Wed morning. Hopefully, it is a strain and nothing more severe. The positive in this was the awesome paper pants I got to wear. I mean nothing is sweeter than paper pants that give you a moose knuckle.
DOES ANYONE KNOW GOOD WORKOUTS THAT I CAN DO WITH THIS INJURY? That is an all important one. If you do have any knowledge of ways I can stay active without putting  pressure on my knee, I would love to know. I can't do squats, ride the elliptical, or stretch... So, what does one do?
We are still working on figuring out the kitchen. Currently, we are living with a black hole in our wall as they dry it out. We also have a hole in the floor as they dry it out. I will post some pictures asap :)


  1. stationary bike or swimming.

    and i always get it about the drain being clogged. i haven't used our master bath in over 2 yrs yet i still get blamed (i use our gym bathroom to shower/get ready).

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. I am so impressed you can fix a sink- nice work!

  3. of course you are pretty! :) good luck with the mri.

  4. I can totally relate with your sentiments about showing emotions and life, in general. Just do what makes you feel better, and the rest is a breeze (just like what you do with make-up and gorgeous results). I've never tried chocolate ale before, but I think I might find myself craving for it just because of the word chocolate. Haha! And who said plumbing is man's domain? You're rocking the girl power with fixing the sink! And also, I hope your injury is well healed by now. Stay beautiful, Tracie!

    Levi @


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