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Monday, February 24, 2014

Cara Box Reveal!

I again participated in the Cara Box exchange hosted by Wifessionals. I love the fact that the exchange is now over a 3 month period versus a 1 month. I felt like I got to know my partners so much more! The theme was Shine and we were encouraged to find what makes our partners shine and carefully craft a box around this. I loved this theme! I felt like it made it so much easier to make a personalized goody box, versus having a nautical or some other "theme" theme.

In the past, Kaitlyn has matched up partners based on whether or not they have a blog. Starting with this exchange period, the swap is now based around Instagram. Therefore, to participate, you must have a way to post to and follow people on Instagram. The requirement was also given that you must post at least once a week to Instagram. I loves me some Instagram, but I can go days with no posts, then go selfie crazy (becuase yes, I consider pics of Tig and Ginger to be a form of a selfie) and post 5 times in 24 hours. I like this requirement only meh.  I feel like my blog says more about me than my Instagram account does.... and  it's easier getting to know people by reading their blogs.

Not only was there a theme, but we were paired by STATE! I felt like this was almost a theme in and of itself.

I sent a box to Shelbey who lives in Haviland, Ks. Now, don't go asking me where that is. I could tell you for like a day (cuz I googled it, duh.) after we got paired. Shelbey is the sweetest ever! She is a stay at home momma of 2 (both of whom are adorbs), a pinterest addict (like me), and runs her own etsy business! She is busy, busy, busy! Her etsy shop, ShopMissyMoo has the cutest headbands! The toddler/adult sizes even fit my big bobble head! Once I saw how cute the headbands are I had to get some! I put pictures of the greatness up on Instagram so go look there!

I also got paired with Dara who lives, like, 5 seconds from me. I can go all creeper status now. LOL! Totally joking, I just say that because both her hubby and my future hubs said that we were going to meet a serial killer. Yup, you heard right. We met up! It was my first "blate" and in bad blogger fashion, we took no photos. We spent time talking, laughing and getting to know each other in real life. I was so nervous, but we had a ton of laughs! I can't wait to meet up with her again! We had so much more in common than I think both of us realized. I mean, you can't always tell a sense of humor via email. We both love to knit (I am still a total beginner but I love to try), are social workers, love to watch tv, like to try beauty products, and enjoy life.  I did take photos of the box that she gave me. I got such good stuff! All of my friends love my new wine opener and tags! And the candle has gotten good use!

Cara Box


  1. That's so cool you guys actually got to meet up & you have some things in common! I think that would be so fun! Also - I am the same as you on instagram. Some days I feel too busy to even think about posting and other days I overload it... but if I was working outside of the home full-time I wouldn't even have time for instagram. Truth be told I've totally done later-grams without letting that on because I didn't want to over post (does that make sense)? And I just laughed out loud as the instagram photo of your dogs with alien eyes (the flash) scanned by. =)


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