Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Weekend Recap {{Dirty Thirty Fun}}

The past few days have been a whirlwind! Thank you guys for all the awesome birthday love here and on Instagram! I had a relaxing birthday, filled with family and friends... and just a tiny bit of booze :) 

On Thursday, my bestie Jen went and got her first tattoo! She made a bet with herself that if the Royals ever won the World Series she would get a KC tattoo. Well, nobody made her do it, but she totally went and got a KC logo! I have to say, I called her a puss more than once. Hence, the shut up and don't take photos picture. I'm a good bestie. Afterwards, we had to go to happy hour so she could drink away the pain. 

On Friday, we had a normal day. Gabriel came and visited me at work for a bit. Then we went out for margs after work. The usual. On Saturday, we got pretty and went to Ra Sushi. We'd never been there before and I have to say, the food was good, but the service was only so/so. 

I love to drink Sapporo or Kirin when I have sushi and the server came back and asked did I know it was a big bottle and did I want a glass. Nah, girl I'll just drink straight from the 40oz. And yes, I can read it's a 22oz beer. Which is actually less than 2 beers, just saying.  

 We like to order a good variety of "junk food" sushi and straight up raw fish. I love it all!

There is an ice skating rink outside the restaurant, so we went and watched people busting their asses on the cold ice for a bit. Just being all romantical and shit.
Let's get to the good stuff. The gifts. Gabriel bought me purple roses, the sweetest card, and my fave perfume. If you've never tried Bond No. 9, you should! My absolute favorite is Bond No.9 Central Park West , it has narcissus mingled with tangy ylang ylang and a pinch of piquant pepper. A beckoning white-petal mélange— orris, jasmine, and linden—and majestic gardenia. I don't know what most of that means, but I do know it smell amazing! 

 On Sunday, which was my actual birthday, we went to The Bristol for brunch. They have the BEST brunch! My mom made me a whore in a drawer cake for my dirty 30, which made me immediately think of Nadine who has a #inthedrawer instagram challenge going on!

I didn't get too fancy for brunch, but I get down on the mimosas and lobster mac-n-cheese! Calories don't count on your birthday :) Jen ended up coming back to the house (as she only lives 5 doors down) and finishing a bottle of bubbly white after brunch... I ended up asleep in bed at 3pm, then back up again at 4:30. Day drinking is the best.

More gifts! My parents gave me a Royals gift extravaganza. My mom had a fleece blanket with tons of our photos from Post-Season on it, a Royals mini tree, car magnets/decals, a 2016 desk calendar, and a SCRAPBOOK! They gave me the same scrapbook last year too, which I love. It has all the special articles from the Kansas City Star in it. 

The Bond No.9 perfume comes in the cutest bottles and with fun bracelets. I actually first picked the scent based on the bottle, then ended up loving the scent. My Uncle and his GF gave me the cutest necklace, I can't to wear it. I also took some advice from Kathy and decided I needed to treat myself for my birthday. I've been wanting a rose gold watch, so I went and picked one up from Kohl's for less than $12 after all the sales, coupons, and Kohl's rewards I had. How could I not treat myself for that price?!

I hope you all had a great weekend too! 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Weekending {{Holiday Parties}}

December is crazy for us and our families, but this year is different. Gabriel's parents are moving to Houston, so they are packing up their home and we are trying to squeeze in every drop of time we can with them before they leave on the 18th. This weekend, we went to a gathering about 2 hours outside of Kansas City, hosted by my Mother-in-Laws family.

In years past, this get together has been wild and crazy. This year, we were pretty chill. Meaning, I just got slightly shitty, but managed to still eat McD's and fall asleep on the way home. Gabriel has such an awesome family!

We sat around having a hen party and sexually harassing dudes on tinder. Turns out, most of the dudes on tinder are lame asses.

As an exit ticket to leave the party, the hostess has each family take a photo in front of the tree. I LOVE THIS!

Gabriel's family, including his sister and brother-in-law who came in from Houston. We've already planned our trip in March to come see the new baby! Sarah has been buying her wrap dresses from Pink Blush Maternity online and raves about how awesome and inexpensive the clothes are. Her dress from the baby shower also came from there. My tunic is the one every blogger and her mama has from Nordstrom and my skinnies are from Express. If you haven't tried Express's denim, you  should! It's stretchy, but still holds it shape and comes in mid-rise, so your butt crack doesn't show.

I embarrass Gabriel so much by smooching on him. I just can't help myself. He looks os fine! 

This upcoming weekend is my 30th birthday, so I'm hoping to see more friends and family! Have your holiday parties started? What do the holidays look like for you guys?

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Long Weekend Shenanigans

I figure I don't need to post my Thanksgiving dinner, since most people eat the same thing. Instead, I'll tell you all the other random stuff I did over my 5 day weekend. 

I ate some delish sushi and noodles from a place in Waldo, which is kinda a hipster/hood area. It's an odd, yet fun area. Gabriel and I went on a day date, since he took the entire week off.

Afterwards, I had a wild hair and decide to go chop off my hair. I took 5-6 inches off in the back and got a lob. I'm kinda digging it. The only downside? I prefer it curly, which takes me a few minutes to do compared to my extra long blow dry and go I was rocking before. Granted, the go part was a ponytail, but still. 

We went and saw the last Hunger Games in the nicest movie theater offered. We usually go to the one that is a step below this one, but this was awesome! I love that this theater is 18+ no matter what, the one that is a step below is 18+, unless you have an adult present. Which means you could still have a 10 year in there with you, only their dad is drunk. And yes, that has happened to us before. Hunger Games... was only so-so. I think that we're the only ones with that opinion, but those movies have been so epic, this one just felt like a throw away movie. 

We had a long, relaxing weekend. I also got the Halloween decor put away. And yes, I keep it up FOREVER because it is one of my fave holidays and we go balls to the wall decorating for it.