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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Long Weekend Shenanigans

I figure I don't need to post my Thanksgiving dinner, since most people eat the same thing. Instead, I'll tell you all the other random stuff I did over my 5 day weekend. 

I ate some delish sushi and noodles from a place in Waldo, which is kinda a hipster/hood area. It's an odd, yet fun area. Gabriel and I went on a day date, since he took the entire week off.

Afterwards, I had a wild hair and decide to go chop off my hair. I took 5-6 inches off in the back and got a lob. I'm kinda digging it. The only downside? I prefer it curly, which takes me a few minutes to do compared to my extra long blow dry and go I was rocking before. Granted, the go part was a ponytail, but still. 

We went and saw the last Hunger Games in the nicest movie theater offered. We usually go to the one that is a step below this one, but this was awesome! I love that this theater is 18+ no matter what, the one that is a step below is 18+, unless you have an adult present. Which means you could still have a 10 year in there with you, only their dad is drunk. And yes, that has happened to us before. Hunger Games... was only so-so. I think that we're the only ones with that opinion, but those movies have been so epic, this one just felt like a throw away movie. 

We had a long, relaxing weekend. I also got the Halloween decor put away. And yes, I keep it up FOREVER because it is one of my fave holidays and we go balls to the wall decorating for it. 


  1. Love your hair!!!!! I had kept looking at long bobs but not ready to commit to cutting it that much. I really want to learn how to curl my hair, what products/tools are you using to create that look? That sushi looks amazing and now I REALLY want some!!!! I really liked The Hunger Game books but I haven't seen any of the movies. I was afraid the movies would ruin the books for me, weird I know....Hope you have a great week!

  2. I think your hair is super cute!! Also, not sure what it was about my decor this year, but I could NOT wait to tear it down. And I just ADORE Halloween!

  3. Your short hair is ADORABLE. and i'm so glad i'm not pregnant anymore and can get DOWN on some sushi!!

  4. nice 'do! in september, i lopped off a whopping 9 inches and it's still pretty long (i'm way too lazy to visit the salon regularly and only go once a year).

  5. mmm your day date looks delicious! haha. and your hair looks fabulous! i am the worst with decor, whatever season or holiday, i pull it down before the holiday is even over.


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