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Monday, November 23, 2015

Baby Shower Fun

I had the privilege of helping plan my sister-in-law's baby shower here in Kansas City. She lives in Houston, so this was a fun filled family weekend. Her hubs came to town with her and family that lived out of town stayed over at my in-laws, so after the shower there was a shrimp boil and shenanigans.

The baby shower was held at Seasons 52, a very upscale restaurant on the Plaza. We decorated in a "classy" fashion, which was reminiscent of prom.

There were photos of the soon to be mom & dad from childhood and some of their wedding/engagement photos. We also had Nothing Bundt Cakes in white chocolate raspberry and lemon. If you have never had this cake before, you have to try! Sooo good! 

Little goody bags for each guest were filled with hershey kisses, nail polish, lip gloss, a candle, and other small yummies. 
One of my favorite things to do is have guests write their name and address on envelopes, so that the thank you cards are a breeze for the guest of honor. Especially since she was leaving for Houston the next day. We also had mini bottles of champagne and nonalcoholic sparkling water to pop bottles when the baby is born! Instead of a guest book, picture frame, etc to sign we had guests sign a copy of "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" and leave a note to the baby. 

The tags on the champagne bottles. Once I figured out my printer settings, these were a breeze to make! I found the little It's a Boy tags at Michaels, a craft store. 

One of the best gifts that the mama to be got! It appears that little Baby Boy was procreated at the Cancun destination wedding of mama and daddy. I gave copies of Gabriel and I's favorite books as a child and we each wrote a note in our favorites. Mine included "Where the Wild Things Are" and the Little Critter's books "Just Me and My Dad/Mom" and Gabriel's were "Harry the Dirty Dog" and "Berenstein Bears Spooky Old Tree"

 The gaggle of women and the GBFF.
Momma to be and Grandma to be! 


  1. What a fun shower!! I love the idea of your favorite books with notes in them. So sweet!!! I had to laugh at the spelling of Berenstein because that is how I say and spell it but apparently we were all wrong for the last 20 years and it is Berenstain. I still have a hard time believing it was always like that and think this must be a conspiracy theory!

    We have a Seasons 52 here but I haven't been yet.

  2. So cute....and I can tell it's from the south because of everyone's fabulous hair!! Love it!! You did a great job lady!

  3. aw what a fun shower! super fancy, and i love the books gift. and omg that cancun onesie is hilarious!

  4. What a cute shower! I love the champagne idea!!!


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