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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Humpday Confessions

More Coffee Less Talky

I have to get this off my chest right now, I have no clue who the guy is in the link up picture. No f-ing clue. Sweet baby jesus I feel so much better having admitted that. 

Am I the only one that doesn't care that Charlie Sheen's crazy ass is HIV Positive? Or that his ex-wives and kids are not? Like, I truly don't care. You are not Magic Johnson and this is not 1991.

I've been watching the Voice this season, which is a new show for me, and I actually find most of the vocalists to be mediocre. The country singers (i.e. Blake's team) are all whiny sounding and don't have good voices at all! I am shocked and now know why I've not watched music based competitions before.  I guess I'll just stick to watching Adele videos on vevo to get music.

I've been trying new recipes and Gabriel hates them. I kinda make him cook once per week just so he knows how it feels. And make sure the dishwasher needs emptied & re-loaded on that day. That way he'll truly appreciate the magic that happens in the kitchen.

Pinterest isn't doing it for me anymore. Is anyone else thinking this too? It seems to be the same shit all the time, which is awesome if I'm looking for how to make my own cream of crud soup. I used to love pinterest. Now, bleh.

What are some of your confessions?


  1. hahahaha you're not the first one who admitted they didn't know the HDC mancandy. that is quinn from the show Homeland. he's all levels of sexy in there.

    when i found out that charlie sheen confessed he's HIV positive, i felt bad for the guy because you know, death...and also, i wasn't surprised either given the amount of abuse he did to his body with god knows what/who.

  2. He's also Mr. Wickham on the Kiera Knightly P&P. Hahah :)

    Yeah I'm just not into pop culture news these days. Red cups, Gwen and Blake, Charlie Sheen... just not into it. hehe

    I've been so unmotivated to cook recently, it's not great... luckily the hubs and I have been working together to do dishes, cook, and chat all at once. It makes it 1 million X's better. :)

    XO- Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  3. Oh, if only leaving the dishwasher loaded and the sink full would mean that Mr. Coffee would unload them and leave the kitchen pristine.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (I totally love him though and he actually cooks a that's good)

  4. I didn't know who the person was in the photo either and my name is on that button! LOL! I hate when Chris doesn't like a new recipe. I mean if I dont like it either its cool, whatever. But gosh darnit I work hard in that kitchen!!! LOL! And umm Pinterest really is the same shit all the time. As is Instagram and all these bloggers that keep telling me what to blog about and what is wrong with my Instagram account and I am like.....dont tell me what to do!!!

  5. It's so frustrating and disappointing when you go through all the effort to make a new recipe only to have it met with negativity! I'm still in love with Pinterest but I think it's because I search for a lot of different stuff between what I use in real life, for work and for volunteer stuff.

  6. Okay, I have no idea who that guy is either. And I still haven't figured it out... who is it? Pinterest has been driving me crazy lately. Everything on the home feed is all these sponsored pins or something related to another one I've saved. I don't need all of that crap as soon as I log in!

  7. haha i only know that guy as Wickham from P&P.
    good idea making him cook - I am going to make KC cook because he doesn't always like my 'crazy' new recipes I try. I really don't care about charlie sheen either.


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