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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

End of Year Goals

To be totally transparent, I did back to work goals and didn't follow through with any of them. Lie. I saved money. More than my goal in fact. I meal prepped, then didn't take half my food. I use going to get lunch as a way to get away from work for a break, as I eat while I work. It's a horrible habit, but I don't go to the teachers lounge, so I eat at my desk while working.

I know that I do better when I set goals. I know that I am more accountable when I post the goals. Therefore, I'm going to get past my recent ugh moment and set goals for now trough the end of the year.

Blog at least 2 times per week. I enjoy sharing rando stuff and creeping around the blog world. It's my me time during the day and I want to get back at it and continue to build the relationships I enjoy so much!

Workout at least 3 times per week. This has fallen by the wayside, again it's the me time that I haven't been doing and I feel better when I set aside time for me.

Go on at least 2 intentional dates with my boo. I'm not talking about cheapo Friday night (mexican and home by 5:30), but rather the two of us looking nice and going somewhere to spend quality us time.

Continue to pay down my debt, even with the holiday season and both my birthday and Gabriel's. I have my savings account padded and have paid off a credit card, but Sally Mae still owns my ass. Paying off debt has been #1 since I graduated grad school, but after buying the house 2 years ago, it has slowed down and I want it to be my priority again.

Take lunch 4 days per week. I've said this one before and I do well for a few then go back to using lunch as an excuse to leave work. I get a 25 minute lunch which makes it the perfect amount of time to get fast food and a large diet soda then sit at my desk and eat. Which is gross and fattening and I make better food... well except maybe some salads!

Thanks for stopping by! I can't wait to catch up with everyone again! 


  1. You can totally do this! Plus, I need you to blog because I miss you! Haha :)

  2. ^^ what she said. lol.
    we are the worst at going on intentional dates. i want to do that more! i also totally need to work out more. we can do it!

  3. You've got this! I think goals are even more important as we head into the holidays. I'm with you, I need to make working out a priority again this season before I'm one of "those" people heading to the gym after January 1st. Also agree with Nadine - more blogging because I miss you too!

  4. Please blog more!! I love reading what you have to say! Good luck with paying off your debt, just think of all the things you can do with that money when its no longer going to debt!

  5. Girl...just hop on that damn wagon and DO. IT. All that shit is tough but I do a lot of every week and after a while it just becomes normal, you know? Glad you're back!


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