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Monday, October 19, 2015

Postseason Rules My Life

Being from Kansas City and born in 1985, I am soooo super pumped that the Royals are in Postseason AGAIN! I wasn't even born when KC went to the World Series in 1985, last year was BEYOND awesome, and now this year is even more amazing.  I grew up sitting on the hill outside the stadium watching the Friday night fireworks and earning tickets to the game for doing good things at school. Jen and I would be 20 game packs and go to as many games as possible when we were both in grad school. Now, we still go to as many games as possible, but we don't buy the packs. 

We do have watch parties at our houses, which is lots of fun. It helps that Jen is renting a house 5 houses down from me and G. Judge all you want, but that's a really short walk to go home after a game. 

I couldn't contain my excitement for the ALDS game we went to versus the Houston Astros. 

And then it rained. A lot. 

So much rain that the game was delayed and we went and hid. 

On a totally un-related note, I went on the 6th grade field trip to Arrowhead and got to go inside the Chiefs locker room and on the field. 

It was soon much fun! All the kids were making fun of me for taking photos, but how many times do you get to go onto the field of a professional sports team? 

This past weekend we went to ALCS game 2 versus the Toronto Blue Jays. 

Jen is super pumped and so is the rando photo bomber who was loving my selfie stick. 

This is our group to a T. No joke. 

Our friends Lucy and Steve came and tailgated with us, which was soooo much fun! We had to take a family photo with the selfie stick. 

This is our we JUST WON face. Jen had never seen a postseason win in person and we stayed around the stadium watching the post game gatorade dunk by Salvy, the players all high-fiving, and the interviews. 

One of the nicest ladies sitting behind saw me struggling to take our photo and took this awesome shot with the stadium behind us! I LOVE it! Probably one of the better photos we've taken. 

I just bought this shirt. It's a reference to Trap Queen by Fetty Wap, Lorenzo Cain's walk up song. At one point the Royals were fining each other for not saying 1738 in interviews (again a reference to Fetty Wop). I wish there weren't question marks, but whatevs. 

I attempted to buy this shirt, which said it was available Saturday morning, but Instagram lied. It's not out in stores until Monday. It's a reference to Royals TV announcer Rex Hudler who says that Royals play "small ball" hitting little "links, doinks, bloops, and blasts." During games it makes me laugh when he says, "oh, there's another blooper! He just needs a good  doink" Who doesn't need a good doink?

Who are you all rooting for? Do you even care about postseason?


  1. So much sports fun in this post!!! The field trip sounds like a cool place to go too!!! I would have been snapping pictures also.

  2. I'm that creepy girl who totally thinks of you every time I see the Royals play and then look for you in the crowd... guess I was right to do so since you were there!!! This is the first post seaosn I've really watched consistantly and it's been so fun. I can't even imagine being there in person - serious jealousy over here!

  3. aw that photo of you all with the stadium is gorgeous! what a sweet lady. i love when people offer to take it. i don't understand a lot of the baseball talk, but yay, go Royals! lol

  4. I'm not a huge sports fan but I've been to more baseball games than any other game... I think that and hockey are the best to watch live!

  5. I wish I could go to a game! We do like watching at home, but the stadium energy is so amazing!

  6. Obvs, i'm cheering for the Jays! they were playing while we were on the cruise and for some reason ESPN hates canada and didn't even cover the game! my husband went on a hunt around the boat for anyone with a computer/internet access to get the updates LOL


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