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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What's Happening Now

I've been up to the most random things lately. We've gone to a few more Royals game and are hoping to get some post-season tickets (which would be Thursday and Friday of this week so far). 

Jen and I got some stuff signed by Moose (KC Royals 3rd basemen). I have to admit, for as much as he looks slightly chunky in his uniform, he looked totally white guy hottie normal in person.

Jen getting her bobblehead signed

We went to the last Saturday game with my Uncle and his lady. As always, G doesn't wear sunglasses and complains the sun in his eyes. 

Our view! 

We literally sat in the last row... I thought we would faint from the change in altitude. 

The TV died while I was trying to watch the Royals game... so... 

We went and bought a new one. It's slightly larger and got wifi! Compared to my 2008 tv this is a huge upgrade! I can now play all the YouTube videos I want! 

This happened. 

I also had an unintentional ladies night. We had tickets to a USA soccer game... then realized it was the 23 and under team. Which we don't care about, so we stayed in and couch drank. We also had a Whip and Nae Nae dance party, which G filmed I just couldn't get the balls to put that on the internet. 

I also got 2 new curling wands from NuMe and wanted to try them out, so the girls let me play on their hair. If you want a review or tutorial let me know! Curling wands were a new venture for me, I just took the clip off one of my curling irons and called it good. 

Bae and I went to see Martian with Matt Damon in 3D. My thoughts? It was long and at least Tom Hanks had Wilson. Just sayin'. 

Tigger has been crazy lately and G managed to catch it on film. I don't even know how he manages to do all this crazy stuff, but I knew you guys would love it. If you've got any pets, do they have special powers? 

Not only do we have the craziest animals in our house, we have them outside as well. G is the squirrel whisperer and had this rabies infested creature crawling all over him. I didn't even know what to do with this. 

Expect more pictures of me celebrating Blue October to come soon!


  1. Yes, share the tutorial!!! I got a curling wand last year and cant get it to work. I am hair challenged big time but yours looks so cute!!! I love that you bought a new tv for the game, that totally sounds like something we would do! We are contemplating a second on in our living room so we can catch multiple games during football season.

  2. oooh all of your all's hair looks so cute! i'm in the market for a new curling iron, so yes please d share! :) love the new tv, i want a new tv!

  3. "I thought we would faint from the change in altitude." Hahahaha! I've def had that feeling before, too!

  4. i am actually kinda intrigued by the skeleton dog lol! just found your blog!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  5. Jake wants to see the Martian so bad...i'm just not interested. :( In other news, I swear your Royals are always killing it! You two may be the biggest fans I know.


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