Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wal-Mart Beauty Box Review

If you weren't aware, Wal-Mart also does a beauty box subscription. Their boxes ship seasonally, meaning 4 per year, and only cost $5! They are filled with a variety of coupons, sample packets, travel size samples, and full size products. This to me is worth the $5 price tag. You can go here to get your own.

I signed up the end of February, so I was sent the Winter box and then the Spring box all within a few weeks of each other. I love that you don't get charged until you get an email with the shipping confirmation, meaning you don't pay until the box is coming to you.

My Wal-Mart Winter Beauty Box arrived and I was pleasantly surprised to find the following:

  • Hard Candy Lip Stain Crayon  (full size) goes on hot pink with flecks of glitter, but tones down quickly. I layered with a more muted pink lip gloss and it lasted about 2 hours. 
  • Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo (travel size) is something I like, but leaves my hair chalky. I am saving for a trip. 
  • Dove Advanced Series Dry Oil for hair (travel size) I probably won't use this, as my hair is thin and fine, so adding oil (dry or not) doesn't do well for me. 
  • St. Ives Apricot Facial Scrub (travel size) is something I like and use on my body. The salicylic acid helps me to keep my chicken skin at bay during the summer. 
  • Dial 7 Day Moisture Lotion with Yogurt Protein (travel size) this is going in my purse, as I love travel size lotions! 
The rest of the box was all sample packets and coupons, so I am not going to write about those. But, as you can see there were a bunch! 

My Wal-Mart Spring Beauty Box arrived a few weeks later. It didn't contain any full size products, but it had just enough for me to not feel slighted. I was still getting the same amount as I do in my ipsy bag, which I pay $10/month for. 

  • Dove Go Fresh Mandarin and Tiare Flower Scent (travel size) I have this in the full size and LOVE it, so I am planning to take this travel size with me on vacation this summer. 
  • Simple Cleansing Face Wipes (travel size) I love face wipes and use them every, single day. I am planning to take these in my beach bag on vacation. I use them on my armpits as needed when on the beach, so this was the perfect beach bag size. 
  • Lady Gaga Fame Perfume (sample size) is a womp, womp for me. I am, admittedly, not too fond of perfumes. I am sticking this somewhere far, far away. 
  • Shwarzkopf Essence ULTIME Shampoo/Conditioner (travel size) I am curious to try these, as I have seen them on the shelves and wondered. I am debating taking them with me to Mexico this summer or trying them beforehand. Has anyone tried this brand before? What are your thoughts?
Again, there were sample packets and coupons as well. I know I will use all the coupons, as they are for makeup brands I use. Overall, I think the Wal-Mart Beauty Box is worth the $5 price tag. 

Have you gotten the Wal-Mart Beauty Box? What are your thoughts? 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Humpday Confessions {{4.29.15}}

This is one of those weeks were I look around and say hmmm... I seem to have missed that boat. But that's ok. It just means I'm doing me and keeping busy.

Everybody is showing off their Lilly for Target... and I'm over here like...

The struggle was so real this morning! The first Target collab that I left empty handedeverything wiped out by 8:03! #lillypulitzerfortarget#target#crazybitches#fashionistasgonecrazy#soldout#gone
Posted by on Sunday, April 19, 2015

Also, everybody is showing off their new Wordpress blog... and I'm over here like...

People on Facebook getting all NPR and using it as a "platform for advocacy"... and I'm over here like... 

People getting deep about Scandal... and I'm over here like... 

Everyone in yoga or pilates class is being all bendy and deep breathing... and I'm over here like...

What are your confessions this week?! Dish below. 

Making Melissa

Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Funnies {{Baseball Edition}}

I must say if you don't like baseball, then you must hate life. Since we all know I have a mild case of baseball fever I thought I would do a post focused solely on baseball funnies.

A tweet I was sent: 
Which is actually real funny since he is known as Mr. Zoombiya (i.e. I am fast as F)

If you don't understand why these shirts are funny, we may not be able to be friends. Just sayin'. Also, Gabriel was trying to figure out how to make these shirts to become a millionaire... so I sent him the link and crushed all his hopes and dreams. 

And I only add this because Lawrie said the Kansas City fans are the ones who started all the drama and created such a negative atmosphere... Really? The fans? Just say I'm sorry and move on. 

How is everyone else doing this week? Glad it's Friday, I'm sure! 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Humpday Confessions {{4.22.15}}

This is a pretty rando Humpday Confessions post. It really is just me spilling out the thoughts in my head- which I guess does make it a true confession. 
  • My online shopping addiction is back in full force. I am obsessing about these shirts from Fitness Tee Co on etsy. I want the sore as hell back for more, do more suck less, squats before beer, I don't sweat I sparkle, Classy/Sassy, and LOVE tanks. The fact that the tanks are 2 for $25.98 is an added bonus, cheap ass over here! 

  • I sometimes wish Gabriel would read the blog more, so that I could get surprise, just because gifts. Is that so wrong? hint those tanks would look so good on me during my workout classes and be an awesome surprise. Go for the large to fit the girls.  
  • I was mad as F that my elliptical was moved from our workout room into our house... but now I actually use it, so I can't be mad anymore. But, I still want to be mad just on the principal of the matter. We have a workout room. We BUILT a workout room. The elliptical goes in the workout room. Hashtag yes I know I'm cray cray.
  • I saw our no soliciting sign in action and laughed my ass off. For some reason it gave me a sense of personal accomplishment. The boxers were going ape shit, so I looked out the window and saw an AT&T UVerse person standing at the street staring at our house. She just kept it moving. Bye, Felicia. 
  • With the ice cream recall, I have been craving ice cream. How sick and twisted is that? I find out ice cream is tainted and I want it... So, I did buy a small pint. Not of the tainted kind, of course. 
  • I have a countdown going that tells me how many days until I don't have to interact with a human unless I want to. Some people call this a countdown to summer, but mine is more truthful. I like to sit in my home and read library books and watch DVR, not interacting with anyone. 

What are some of your confessions?

Making Melissa

Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend Shenanigans {{4.20.15}}

It's been as dry as the Sahara over here. Mostly because I have been living life in real time. Meaning, I forget to take photos of anything and when I do remember G gets pissy about it. Oh, and baseball season is back, which takes up my whole life.

Friday night G and I went to the ballgame. It was our first series against the Oakland A's, whom Billy Butler now belongs to. So, we wanted to go cheer on Country Breakfast as he got his American League Championship ring. I let G pick the seats, even though I know that the cheap seats are not for me. Call me bougie all you want, but I like to be away from large groups of drunk people and screaming kids. I call the people I like to sit near professional fans, i.e. they come to enough games that they know the unwritten rules- they don't bring children under 5, make enough small talk for you to feel comfortable, and know what's going on in the game. We ended up leaving early and finishing the game from our couch at home. Womp, womp.

We also got to see 3 players (Hosmer, Perez, and Gordon) receive their Golden and/or Platinum Glove Awards. It is the second year in a row that we have had multiple players win. 

Hanging with my bae. 


Saturday, I went and got the foul ball I caught 2 seasons ago signed by Danny Duffy (one of our starting pitchers). OMG! One of my friends got there at 7:30am to get out spot in line and I got there at 9 bearing McD's. He started signing at noon. There were no photos allowed. Although, I did get him to laugh by telling him how I caught the ball after he commented on the fact it was a game ball. Read that story here.

Next, I took G with me to the West Bottoms to pick up a shirt I ordered from Restoration Emporium. I had to hustle to get there and it was a hassle to order, they are only open 11-3 most days... You know, when normal people work. I absolutely love it and it was totes worth it.

This is a shirt I saw when picking up my baseball tee. I think I can make this-- it appears to be sequin fabric attached using iron on transfer. Totally doable for less than the $28 they wanted. 

Sunday, grocery shopping and more baseball watching happened. Oh, and I spent a TON of my VS Rewards--- I got 11 pair of underwear, 4 body spray, 1 mascara, 1 dry shampoo, and 1 hair spray... and still have more to spend. I also returned the blue swim bottom and the strapless bikini top and got a plain white swim bottom. The blue was SHINY, which I feel like they should tell you in the description and the my girls are too big for that style of strapless bikini. So, I now still have white floral bikini top, black/white geo top, a hot pink bottom, and a white bottom. Still able to mix and match, so that's a WIN! 

On to the Sunday baseball- if you didn't see it 5 Royals were ejected during Sunday's game versus the A's. It was hylerical. It all started Friday night. Lawrie (A's) slid dirty into our shortstop, Alcides Escobar whom was covering second- it was a wonky all over play, but the gist of it was Lawrie's spikes went into Escy's leg and Lawrie took him out, injuring his knee mildly. Watch it here... Oh, and Lawrie says he said sorry via text, but Alcides say's "bro, no you didn't." 

side note:The Royals are already sensitive they keep getting hit at bat by pitchers. So, the Royals wait until Saturday, when Yordana Ventura being mad that he just got whooped on and we are now losing deliberately hits Lawrie, thus getting revenge and ejected from the game versus being called out for letting people score on us. According to the unwritten rules of baseball, it should all now be over.  

Only no, at Sunday's game Lorenzo Cain (Royal) gets hit at bat in the first inning (on the foot, but still). So, Ned Yost (manager) and the pitching coach were ejected in the first inning for protesting that the A's pitcher gets to stay in the game. 

Then, at the top of the 8th our pitcher, Herrera, throws a ball inside on Lawrie, then at his back... effectively giving Lawrie/the A's a 100mph warning to watch himself and getting ejected in the process. Here's an awesome recap of that. 

So, both benches were cleared and our acting manager, Alcides Escobar, and another of our coaches were ejected. All in one game. Oh, and we came back to win :) 

The end on a pretty low key weekend, filled with great baseball. 

If you have any ideas on how to make the tank above or where to find a flowy, vintage looking tank for cheap online let me know! Hope you all had a great weekend too! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Funnies {{Gym Edition}}

My pinterest feed, and Instagram, has been filled with gym funnies lately so I thought I'd share what's making me giggle right now. If you have any good ones, I would love to see them! 

I'll take a swelfie with you! And gag me if anyone uses the hashtag #swelfie 

Girl in the back of the room, I am looking at you. 

The conundrum of every fitness bigger out there. 

Again, to every fitness blogger out there. I am giving you the side eye. 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Favorites {{4.10.15}}

Whew, this week has been a doozy. Really glad it's FriYAY! Ya'll know I plan to get down on it (sing it with me!) with some margs right after work.

So, what are some of my faves, other than the weekend, you ask? Here you go! 

Fave Tutorial (found via Pinterest, duh): Super easy (read: anyone could actually do it), customizable, and functional! 

Fave song: If you haven't heard TechN9ne then here is an introduction to him. He is a KC rapper who has his own record label, Strange Music. He reps everything KC, MO with no shame. If you are confused by some of the lyrics and need an interpreter, here is a good site. 

Fave Online Purchase(s): I had a $100 Secret Reward Card to Victoria's Secret, so I picked out some bathing suits to take with me to Mexico this summer. I picked out two bottoms and three tops and paid $28 out of pocket, which covered shipping and taxes. Essentially, as free as you can get. Hopefully, everything fits. I read every single review I could find. The middle picture is the not the correct color, but other than that these are exactly what I am getting. My goal was to be able to mix and match every piece. 

Fave Picture: This saying, just add some deep breathing and you're set to go! 

Fave Funnies (all on my pinterest): 

(or if you're me selling your shoe for monopoly money) 

Life lessons with Tosh.o

The Grits Blog - Little Friday Linkup

Monday, April 6, 2015

Opening Day at the K!

Since it is opening day at Kauffman Stadium, I thought I would share some of my favorite baseball memories with you all! I purple sparkly heart love the Royals, but wasn't able to get tickets to opening day this year. They are doing a championship ring presentation, which I wanted to see, but everything happens for a reason so we are not going to be there today. I am so sad about it, but we will be going on Wednesday and trying some of the new food/beverages that they have this season.

Tailgating with my bae! Our favorite date. 

Being cold in the fountain seats-- turns out when the wind blows the water gets all over you! It makes it even more cold. 

I love that she photobombed us. I have no idea who you are, but lady I will heart you forevs. 

Championship Series game! Gabriel's aunt took our picture. She was the host parent for a catcher on the Orioles when he was in the minors, so she got his family tickets when they were here in KC for the Championship series-- super cool! 

Pimpin with some World Series tickets! 

I don't know if I will ever see another World Series with the Royals, but I will remember this one for sure. I feel so lucky that we got tickets to two of the games and got to experience the Royals in the World Series! 

With my boo and my in-laws for the World Series! 

My first time in the Diamond Club seats! We had a waitress who was so nice! 

Grilling out, staying classy! I love our tiny little grill, now all we need is a folding table! 

Meeting Slugger! Turns out he is sorta pervy with adults. 

When the All Star game was in KC! Boo thang had to miss it due to work, but we managed to still have fun! 

At the All Star game with Jen and Uncle. too much fun! I loved that we were able to go, even if boo wasn't able to come. He still bring that up to this day. He got us the tickets then wasn't able to come with us. 

What are your favorite baseball memories?