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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Humpday Confessions {{4.22.15}}

This is a pretty rando Humpday Confessions post. It really is just me spilling out the thoughts in my head- which I guess does make it a true confession. 
  • My online shopping addiction is back in full force. I am obsessing about these shirts from Fitness Tee Co on etsy. I want the sore as hell back for more, do more suck less, squats before beer, I don't sweat I sparkle, Classy/Sassy, and LOVE tanks. The fact that the tanks are 2 for $25.98 is an added bonus, cheap ass over here! 

  • I sometimes wish Gabriel would read the blog more, so that I could get surprise, just because gifts. Is that so wrong? hint those tanks would look so good on me during my workout classes and be an awesome surprise. Go for the large to fit the girls.  
  • I was mad as F that my elliptical was moved from our workout room into our house... but now I actually use it, so I can't be mad anymore. But, I still want to be mad just on the principal of the matter. We have a workout room. We BUILT a workout room. The elliptical goes in the workout room. Hashtag yes I know I'm cray cray.
  • I saw our no soliciting sign in action and laughed my ass off. For some reason it gave me a sense of personal accomplishment. The boxers were going ape shit, so I looked out the window and saw an AT&T UVerse person standing at the street staring at our house. She just kept it moving. Bye, Felicia. 
  • With the ice cream recall, I have been craving ice cream. How sick and twisted is that? I find out ice cream is tainted and I want it... So, I did buy a small pint. Not of the tainted kind, of course. 
  • I have a countdown going that tells me how many days until I don't have to interact with a human unless I want to. Some people call this a countdown to summer, but mine is more truthful. I like to sit in my home and read library books and watch DVR, not interacting with anyone. 

What are some of your confessions?

Making Melissa


  1. Love all the tanks! And seriously I'm just starting to come out of my winter cave now.

  2. Love the tanks and with being a German Shepard owner, I feel you on the ring of the doorbell,,,she is a great "warning" to people to step off!

  3. There are so many awesome workout tanks, but 2 things. 1 they would require me to shave my pits more.. uggghhh. 2 my sports bra is like a normal bra because tig-ole-biddies and if I wore those, I'd have retarded sun spots.. so I just stick with the boring camis from Kohls when they go on sale. At least then, all the lines are consistent, lol.
    If my BF read my blog, he'd find out all the things I don't ever tell him. I'm not sure how he'd react lol.

  4. The tanks are so fun!! I like the FAIL one! I don't answer the door for strangers :) I just let them knock and our dog goes crazy and then they usually just give up.

  5. Those tanks are so fabulous!!! And such a good price too! I man to get a few of those. And I need to get a no soliciting sign for my house too. My dogs are not fans of people coming to their door. And I hate dealing with them too. Now I am going to go dream about cookie dough ice cream...thanks for that!

  6. I am going to have to check out that Etsy shop! Also, we just put a no soliciting sign on our door! We had the Kirby vacuum people knocking on our door at 8:50 last night and I was not happy at all.

  7. Such cute tanks, especially the FAIL one. Ice cream recall?? That can't be good, I'd want it in spite of it too.

  8. YES to those workout tanks! i love me some douchey tanks; what a great price too.


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