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Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Funnies {{Baseball Edition}}

I must say if you don't like baseball, then you must hate life. Since we all know I have a mild case of baseball fever I thought I would do a post focused solely on baseball funnies.

A tweet I was sent: 
Which is actually real funny since he is known as Mr. Zoombiya (i.e. I am fast as F)

If you don't understand why these shirts are funny, we may not be able to be friends. Just sayin'. Also, Gabriel was trying to figure out how to make these shirts to become a millionaire... so I sent him the link and crushed all his hopes and dreams. 

And I only add this because Lawrie said the Kansas City fans are the ones who started all the drama and created such a negative atmosphere... Really? The fans? Just say I'm sorry and move on. 

How is everyone else doing this week? Glad it's Friday, I'm sure! 


  1. Neither team is mine but I love the rivalry. The last two are hilarious!

  2. I stick by my statement that no one loves the Royals quite like you ;) I did laugh pretty hard at "straight out of Kauffman" though ;)



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