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Monday, April 6, 2015

Opening Day at the K!

Since it is opening day at Kauffman Stadium, I thought I would share some of my favorite baseball memories with you all! I purple sparkly heart love the Royals, but wasn't able to get tickets to opening day this year. They are doing a championship ring presentation, which I wanted to see, but everything happens for a reason so we are not going to be there today. I am so sad about it, but we will be going on Wednesday and trying some of the new food/beverages that they have this season.

Tailgating with my bae! Our favorite date. 

Being cold in the fountain seats-- turns out when the wind blows the water gets all over you! It makes it even more cold. 

I love that she photobombed us. I have no idea who you are, but lady I will heart you forevs. 

Championship Series game! Gabriel's aunt took our picture. She was the host parent for a catcher on the Orioles when he was in the minors, so she got his family tickets when they were here in KC for the Championship series-- super cool! 

Pimpin with some World Series tickets! 

I don't know if I will ever see another World Series with the Royals, but I will remember this one for sure. I feel so lucky that we got tickets to two of the games and got to experience the Royals in the World Series! 

With my boo and my in-laws for the World Series! 

My first time in the Diamond Club seats! We had a waitress who was so nice! 

Grilling out, staying classy! I love our tiny little grill, now all we need is a folding table! 

Meeting Slugger! Turns out he is sorta pervy with adults. 

When the All Star game was in KC! Boo thang had to miss it due to work, but we managed to still have fun! 

At the All Star game with Jen and Uncle. too much fun! I loved that we were able to go, even if boo wasn't able to come. He still bring that up to this day. He got us the tickets then wasn't able to come with us. 

What are your favorite baseball memories?


  1. Look at you and all your baseball memories!!! I admittedly am not a huge baseball fan. When I lived in Pittsburgh, I did get to see the Pirates play once as part of a field trip. I lived in Atlanta for 13 years and never once made it to the Braves games. Oops. We have a minor league team in Birmingham and I thought about going once this year to say I have been.

  2. That photobomb was pretty epic! I haven't been to a game in a bit, makes me what to go to one this year.

  3. So many fun memories!! I wish I liked baseball because having the red sox literally so close to my house makes game days less than thrilling for me LOL! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. you guys are adorable! so many fun photos. i've only been to a couple of baseball games, you make me want to go to more!

  5. Love this. I grew up as an Astros fan. My mom and I had a tradition going that we went to Opening Day together. We were even on the big screen the last year they played in the Astrodome. I went to a World Series game the only series the Astros made it into...yea, we were swept my the White Sox.


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