Monday, August 31, 2015

Catching Up

I took a little blog break for the first two weeks back to work, just to give myself a little me time. I always go a a tiny bit bat shit at the start of the school year, as I get back into the groove and setting a schedule for myself. 

There has been a lot going on around these parts! Gabriel's sister, whom just got married in June, came into town for a family event... and is pregnant with a little boy! Yes, we know the sex, which means yes she is that far along :) Gabriel and I are super excited to be the true crazy, fun aunt/uncle. I wish we lived closer, so that we could be there for more, but Houston isn't too far from Kansas City. If anyone has great gift ideas, online stores they love, or must haves that nobody thinks about-let me know! 

Football season, which means Fall clothes, is here in Kansas City! Well, the weather is still in the 80s/90s, but I don't care! It's September and I am putting out Halloween decs and going to Chiefs games. This past weekend, we went to a pre-season Chiefs game and had soon much fun. 

 Awesome seats! 

Great people! 

We also decided to do some seasonal transitions around the house. Using my vast experience with sharing a closet and not having enough space, I helped G sort through his clothes, pull out things that don't fit and organize his space.

His donate pile!

It went so much better than I thought it would. G was able to "shop" his closet and find tons of clothes he had forgotten about or that were hidden to the back. We also found random odds and ends, like gardening gloves. 

Honestly, I haven't put too much thought into keeping with my budget since school started... But I know that I need to. There has been tons of fun things to think about- back to work happy hours, football/baseball games, stuff for my room(s) at work... you know, the MUST HAVES. So, until Labor Day weekend (2 baseball games), I am on a money lockdown. 

Again, give me ideas for baby boy gifts! What have ya'll been up to?

Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Favorites {{8.14.15}}

Etsy Faves: 

These mugs from Farmhouse Printables are amazing! I really want them to have at work, since I keep a stash of teabags in my desk. 

Kalligraphy makes some super cute printables that are great for any room! I really want the Make More Adventures print for my office, I think the kids would love it! 

Fave Online Find:

Buy Me Brunch  has some of the best tees and tanks that you will find anywhere! They have a great variety of tops, so you're not gonna get a site filled with tanks or mens t-shirts. I especially love the slouchy sweatshirts. 

Fave Tutorial: 

Hello Natural has the quickest, easiest tutorial for a classy hairstyle. The best part? When you take your hair down it is in gorgeous, natural waves. I love to pair it with a headband that has a little bling on it for day 2 hair! 

Fave Budget Make-Up Find:

If you haven't tried e.l.f. contouring kits you are definitely missing out. I already love their blush & bronzing powder duo, so I had to try the blush and bronzer contouring CREAM! It is amazing, lasts all day, blends well, and has build able color. The best, most amazing thing? It's only $3!

What are you all loving on right now?

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Back to Work Goals

I've noticed that as I've shared my goals with you all, I've done better with them. There have been some that I haven't met, but overall I feel like I put more effort into achieving them when I share them. I want to create some goals for August and September, so that I am starting my work year off right.

Without further ado, here are my August and September goals:

  1. Drink 1 gallon of water per day- I frequently forget to refill my cup at work need to focus on this! 
  2. Attend 3 exercise classes per week and cardio 2 times per week- I've had a goal previously of adding another workout class, but with all the night classes I teach and evening back to school events, I just want to maintain consistency. 
  3. Save $200- This is pretty self-explanatory. I want to continue to pad my savings account. 
  4. Meal prep on Sundays and take lunch every day- I generally give myself a "pass" one day a week, but I want to get out of that habit since it's money I could save and I make healthier lunches than I buy. 

What are some of your goals lately?

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Chicken, corn, and black bean enchiladas

This is a week night dinner that can really fill you up and doesn't take too long to make at all! I don't make it too often, but I like the change up from making tacos. 

2 large chicken breasts, cooked and shredded
1 cup Mexican cheese blend 
12 corn tortillas 
2 10 oz cans enchilada sauce
2 Tbs taco season 
1/2 cup salsa 
1/2 cup Southwest Blend Corn (mixture of corn, black beans, peppers and onions) 

This is the Southwest Blend Corn I use-- I find it in the freezer department.

1. Warm oven to 350 degrees. 
2. Mix shredded chicken, southwest corn blend, taco season, and salsa in pan and warm through. 

3. Warm tortillas according to package directions- I wrap mine in saran wrap and warm in microwave for 60 seconds. 
4. Pour 3/4 can of enchilada sauce into 9x11 cake pan 
5. Take a spoonful of chicken mixture, place in tortilla, and roll. Make sure not to roll too tight or the tortilla may rip. Place in sauced pan. Continue to roll and place in pan. 
6. Once done rolling, pour the rest of the enchilada sauce onto rolled enchiladas- this is where I used the 2nd can of sauce. 
7. Cover with cheese, wrap with foil and bake for 15 minutes at 350. 

8. After baked for 15 minutes, uncover and bake for another 5 minutes or until cheese is melted and bubbly. 
9. Serve with salsa, guacamole, or anything else you might like! 

What do you like to put in your enchiladas? 
Martinis & Bikinis

Monday, August 3, 2015


This weekend was a little all over the place. 

On Saturday, there was a weird cloudburst that came through our neighborhood, but seemingly nowhere else... 

Let me give some backstory, when we moved in we had 2 trees removed and part of our neighbors tree that was over our garage. In January, we had a new roof put on our house. Then, a few weeks ago we had a tree in our front yard split in half, so we had it and a tree in our backyard removed so that they wouldn't fall on our house. 

Ok, fast forward to this weekend. Well, back to the cloudburst- in the backyard we heard hisses and pops and saw bright flashes, the neighbors trees in the back had flown apart all Twister style and landed on the power line, there was electricity running bad and forth on her line. Then, we hear a big crash, look around and see nothing in our yard. It starts sprinkling and we see the fire department, so we go out. We look up- part of a neighbors tree feel on our house. This doesn't sound like a big deal... Or even look like that big of a deal....

Until you see the roof of the garage from the inside... 

Yes, that small 20 foot branch pierced, lanced even, our brand new roof. WTF?! So, we had to call our insurance and see how they wanted us to proceed. Essentially we were on our own, they don't have a preferred vendor, which shocked me. Either way, we got that shit figured out and now we are waiting for our roofing company to call back to give us an estimate on fixing our roof before another random cloudburst occurs.

That essentially was the hilight of our weekend. I joined Costco on Friday and did nothing all day on Sunday.

How was yours?!