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Monday, August 31, 2015

Catching Up

I took a little blog break for the first two weeks back to work, just to give myself a little me time. I always go a a tiny bit bat shit at the start of the school year, as I get back into the groove and setting a schedule for myself. 

There has been a lot going on around these parts! Gabriel's sister, whom just got married in June, came into town for a family event... and is pregnant with a little boy! Yes, we know the sex, which means yes she is that far along :) Gabriel and I are super excited to be the true crazy, fun aunt/uncle. I wish we lived closer, so that we could be there for more, but Houston isn't too far from Kansas City. If anyone has great gift ideas, online stores they love, or must haves that nobody thinks about-let me know! 

Football season, which means Fall clothes, is here in Kansas City! Well, the weather is still in the 80s/90s, but I don't care! It's September and I am putting out Halloween decs and going to Chiefs games. This past weekend, we went to a pre-season Chiefs game and had soon much fun. 

 Awesome seats! 

Great people! 

We also decided to do some seasonal transitions around the house. Using my vast experience with sharing a closet and not having enough space, I helped G sort through his clothes, pull out things that don't fit and organize his space.

His donate pile!

It went so much better than I thought it would. G was able to "shop" his closet and find tons of clothes he had forgotten about or that were hidden to the back. We also found random odds and ends, like gardening gloves. 

Honestly, I haven't put too much thought into keeping with my budget since school started... But I know that I need to. There has been tons of fun things to think about- back to work happy hours, football/baseball games, stuff for my room(s) at work... you know, the MUST HAVES. So, until Labor Day weekend (2 baseball games), I am on a money lockdown. 

Again, give me ideas for baby boy gifts! What have ya'll been up to?


  1. i'm all about practical baby gifts so i avoid the stuff they grow out of fast (ie. cute clothes = waste of money) and go for diapers which will never be enough, baby wipes (again, never enough), soft wash cloths, soft hooded towels, onesies, bibs and people always forget baby medicine - medicine droppers, baby tylenol or tempra, hydrasense for babies, diaper rash cream (desitin is my fav), vaseline - TUBS OF IT, travel baby changer, a good baby bag with lots of pockets (skiphop is a great brand - in fact, i am selling mine and it's in tip top condition so you'll get a steal of a deal)!

  2. How exciting! Is this your first nephew?? Nieces and nephews are the best because you can have fun with them, spoil them then send them home when they act up lol. I have 3 nephews and 6 nieces. What kind of gift are you looking for? Something cute or something useful? I am so ready for football season and fall weather, bring it!

  3. I'm so jealous you get to go to NFL games! Still on my bucket list - even a preseason game! I'm so excited for football to start. And fall weather. And I also need to do that with my closet, it's overflowing right now!

  4. I love that y'all went through the closet to free up more space and donate things!! And awesome bonus that he found things that he forgot about. Thats so exciting about the baby! I'm the oldest and thankfully I dont have any nieces or nephews yet and it needs to stay that way for a few more years!

  5. i agree with everything Kathy said - not that I am a mother, lol. I have gotten my last 2 pregnant friends a 'rock n play' and they swore up and down it was amazing, god send etc etc. It's super popular on amazon which is why i bought it lol.


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