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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Cold Weather Buys and Lusts

Since it's almost Christmas time (and my birthday!), I thought I'd share some of my faves lately and a few items that I am super lusting over. I recently purchased these Skinny Jeans, which are an everyday steal from Old Navy! They are totally worth every penny, they don't feel thin and skimpy and hold their shape extremely well. I pair them with these Simply Vera Boots from Kohls, I actually got these last season on clearance. They are a little taller than the average ankle bootie, which I love! I'm actually wearing the jeans cuffed with those boots and this Cashmere {Like} Tunic Sweater, which is BEYOND soft, right now.  The sweater is really way longer than the picture shows and the small almost covers my bootie all the way.

I have to get on the basic white girl bandwagon and say I am lusting over  a Herring Bone Vest of some kind. I have even seen them at Wal-Mart, but without the black piping which is a detail I love. I also really, really want a  Faux Fur Vest, but maybe one slightly bushier than this? Or furrier? Speaking of choosing, which boot do you guys like better the taller Arctic Duck Boot- Chocolate or Duck Boot- Buff which is closer to ankle height? I am leaning towards the taller, chocolate colored ones. I think come this snow season I will be glad to have them when I am moving between schools and hoofing it to my car.

What are some things you are loving right now? 


  1. Ahhhh I love all your picks! I have been lusting after that vest the last few years as well and that ON price is way better!!! And this year I have been wanting a fur vest also. I feel like vests add extra bulk to my frame, so I need to fine a longer, less furry one and see if that would work. Those boots would be awesome for when it is cold and snowy! Feet are the first thing to freeze on me.

  2. Sorel boots are THE BEST. I like either one. I have a shorter pair and also, they're teal, because I'm obsessed :) I need a vest too! If only I didn't have to buy Christmas gifts for everyone. Ugh (i kid - i love gifting :))

  3. i love all of your picks. i saw a great herringbone vest at jcrew but for $119? no thanks.

  4. Either of those boots would be perfect here, snow is coming.


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