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Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Must Haves

It's winter and my skin is dry and I feel sorta blah overall. I decided to change some things up in order to boost my spirits. I get used to things and I am lazy- once I find something that I like I stick with it. Unfortunately, that doesn't always go well. So, I decided to try some new things and here is what I am loving right now!

  • StudioGear Impactfull Pro T.L.S. Mascara* is high impact mascara delivering maximum fullness and flare. I generally wear Covergirl and decided to try this instead. I love the extra-large, fluffy brush. It really gives my lashed some va-va-voom!
  • StudioGear Prime Objective Face Primer* is a silicone-based face primer that has optical diffusers further enhance the complexion by lightening and brightening! I have Benefit Flawless 15 hour primer now (the stick) and I actually like the Studio Gear better. It goes on really silky and smooth, only takes a tiny bit for the whole face and makes my make up look fab!
  • CliniqueMoisture Surge Intense is an oil free cream-gel that gives 24 hour hydration. I usually wear normal Clinique moisturizer, so I also love this. It gives my skin that little added dose of hydration it needs during the winter.
  • Neutrogena Nourishing Long Wear Foundation* gives 12 hours of silky, breathable coverage.  I usually wear Covergirl, but I decided to change it all up! I am loving the texture and look of my skin when wearing this. I feel like it provides great coverage, but looks and feels light. The only drawback is the pour bottle. It is hard to get the product out!
  • While I prefer to be a wooly mammoth during the winter, my man friend doesn’t really enjoy that. Since my skin has been really dry and tight this winter, I have been using the Schick Hydro Silk Sensitive Care razor*. And ya’ll this shit is awesome! It has 5 blades (which I prefer) and this awesome moisture serum. Even without lotion, my legs felt better after getting out the shower! I was shocked and impressed.
Even more awesome? If you go to Studio Gear's website and use the code Tracie13 you can 10% off!
*I have received these prodcuts for review purposes. As always, my opinions are honest and uniquely my own!

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  1. girl: your secret weapon for dry skin: argan oil. or cocnut oil but i prefer argan. slather that shit on you like a gay porn star and watch your skin turn gorgeous.

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