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Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Kitchen...

My kitchen is a hot mess right now. I decided to stop being upset and just be glad that we (hopefully) have a really good insurance company who is going to get this shit fixed quickly and (again, hopefully) cheaply for me and my boo thang.

It is gross and disgusting, but could have been worse. The dehumidifiers and fans are all out of our house (we also had them in 2 other rooms), so now we are waiting to get estimates for repairs. I am glad that the crew who did the clean up were so flexible and open to dogs. Ginger and Tigger decided they needed to make friends and supervise this entire process. The guys on the crew were all really nice and didn't get mad that Ginger tried to rape their faces with her tongue and that Tigger likes to stand and watch right next to your face.

 It took about twice as long to dry everything out as it should have because moisture kept coming UP from under the subflooring. So, they removed the subflooring and found that we have a crack in our foundation. Oh, and at one point had really sweet white and black checkered floors.



  1. Oh no! Sounds terrible. Praying for a speedy fix!

  2. Oh no! So sorry chick. At least it will look gorgeous when you're done! Stay positive.


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