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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall Target Lusts

Target does it again, ya'll! There are so many cute options for fall and all at a reasonable price.  When I was looking at their website, I wanted to buy ALL THE CLOTHES! I have also seen some other bloggers rocking kids size in some items, so don't be ashamed to go look there! One, it may be more fitted and two it may be CHEAPER!

What is on your Target wish list? 


  1. I love Target!! I hardly ever try things on though, and for some reason their sizing can be wonky. I try to size up just in case and have lucked out a few times. Have a good one!

  2. Target is on point lately! Well, they always are, but especially lately!!! I basically want all of the things every time I am in there.

  3. I'm loving the crew neck sweater and terry dress- great finds girl!!

  4. I went to Target twice this weekend. TWICE. I managed not to over do it somehow. I love it!


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