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Friday, October 10, 2014

What You Love Link-Up

Tia from Hands on. Pants off. has started a new link up. It is to promote positivity out here in the blog world. I.e. people get all Mean Girls and go burn book style on bloggers and it can make you feel like crap. So, enter in the Promote What You Love Link-Up. It's all rainbows and sunshine. No joke. It's all about sharing with others who you have been loving lately--- a blogger who inspires you or that you just love her clothes, it doesn't matter. It's just about spreading the positive vibes.

Obviously, I got to throw Tia out there. I mean girl decided to bust balls and put this link-up together because of some douche-lords who make people feel like crap. Tia is legit. She puts it all out there, all the while drinking a cocktail. It doesn't hurt that she has a big ol English bulldog, who reminds me of the boxers. She has an awesome sense of humor and always puts a positive spin on everything. Go check her out, right now!

 I'm also going to share with you a blog that I love to creep on, just because this bitch is mad feisty and is always saying what's on her mind. She doesn't have a picture or button up for me to post...so all you get is a link. Kathy over at Vodka and Soda is one of my main reads. She always says the things that I wish I could and lives life with no fucks given. Which is how we all should live. She also hosts the Humpday Confessions link-up that is my favorite link-up. As much as I love to see crock-pot recipes and how to wear a plaid scarf link-ups, I get down on hers. It's all about admitting those dirty little secrets in the back of your mind, that you wouldn't ordinarily admit to. If you haven't checked her out, get on it!   Twitter   Instagram   Bloglovin

Promote Love  

Who are you loving right now? Share below!


  1. Love both those blogs. Love, love sharing the love!

  2. Nice!! I have heard of Vodka and Soda but now she has a new follower!! Great work lady!!

  3. dangit...I know her blog must be good because my work blocks it!! Truth!

  4. hahahahahahahahah i am blocked from April's network! that made me laugh; it must be all the swearing and awful shit i spew on my site.

    thanks so much for this, T. it seriously made me jizz all over the screen when i read this post. what a great link-up! bitches need to chill with all the negativity; we need to spread the love.

  5. LOVE Kathy and her potty mouth. No fucks are given there and more people need to be that way!

  6. Kathy is the best, hands down :) Tia has a new reader now - thanks for sharing!

  7. Yay for focusing on the positive, I'll never understand why people take the time to hate on others.


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