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Friday, June 7, 2013

5 on Friday

Good to see you back :) It's a 5 on Friday post!

I got this from Darci over at The Good Life Blog and am excited that this is my first link up! Here's how it goes:

On Fridays, you blog about  5 things .... things that you're loving, things that are on your mind,, whatever.  Really, any five things --- how easy is that?!

So... drum roll please... My 5 things are:

1. Cancer Sucks. I volunteer on the local Relay for Life committee and we had our annual Survivor Dinner last night. It was a blast! My bestie, Jen, planned and organized it. It was a great success and I am really proud that she was able to put together an event to honor our cancer survivors and caregivers. If you want info on Relay, give me a shout!

Survivor Dinner 2013

2. Instagram. I am obsessed with Instagram lately. I heart creepin on other peoples photos and looking at what cool things everyone is doing that I am not. bahaha! I also like looking at it for motivation. If you follow other people who are working out and posting #sweatypics you want to too! You can find me @Tracie1213. I love to follow +Blogilates on Instagram. She is a great motivator.

I want a Vitamix, but the Nutrabullet will do for now :) I love my Vibrams for doing Pilates and yoga-- my sweaty little feet don't slip. I use the blogilates beginner calendar to supplement my other workouts. Love it!

3. Green Smoothies. I love them. They sound gross (and sometimes look gross), but they taste good and fill me up! I love berries (esp. frozen strawberries), vanilla protein powder, mixed berry greek yogurt, and spinach smoothies. They taste amazeballs!

4. Summer. I work for a school district (shout out to school social workers!) and I get my summers off (pretty much). So far, my summer has been jammed packed, but I have been to one Royals game, some KC Sporting games (soccer), and am going to my next Royals game tomorrow! Soooo excited!

5. Wine. Since it's summer all I've been doing is working at my on call job, helping plan Relay and Survivor Dinner, doing some focus groups for my full-time job, and drinking wine. What kind of wine you ask? Cheap. That is all. No specific brand, doesn't even have to be in a bottle, it can come from a box, as long as it is cheap. What is your fave wine? I love recommendations :)


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