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Thursday, January 1, 2015

From Ms. to Mrs. {{the Ceremony}}

For our wedding, we had the ceremony and reception all in one room. All of the guests came into the ballroom and at 7:30pm the ceremony started. 

The ceremony itself was less than 10 minutes long and was in front of a backdrop that my parents made. It was perfect, very laid-back, relaxed and totally us. We didn't have a wedding party, ring bearers or flower girls. It was us, the officiant and all of our loved ones. For there being 100 plus people, it felt extremely intimate this way.

Gabriel walked in with Rebecca, our officiant. At the suggestion of our DJ, Derek, the song playing as we walked in was "Secrets" by One Republic. Ya'll if you haven't listened to this song, go do it now. Perfect song. Perfect. 

My dad and I stayed in the room off the entryway until the song played a symbol crash, about 40 seconds in. Then, the doors to the ballroom opened and we walked in. I have to admit, I did the ugly cry the moment I saw Gabriel. I just couldn't help myself. Then the music faded down. 

My dad gave me away, then walked to the back of the room with my super sparkly bouquet. When it was time to say our I do's, Gabriel said "A thousand times I do." Ya'll I broke down and did the ugly cry again. It was too much for me. Gabriel is not the most emotive person and for him to bare himself like that in front of all our loved ones did me in. 

Our first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. 

We spent a lot of the night laughing and having fun, starting with the ceremony itself. 

For our introduction, we had "Beautiful Day" by U2 playing. It was the perfect start to our reception. It was amazing to have all of our family and friends present to celebrate with us. 

From there, we went and signed all the necessary paperwork, with our father's acting as our witnesses. Rebecca, our officiant, made everything so much fun, was so easy to work with, and made sure that we LOVED every second of our ceremony. 


  1. oh what a fun song to be introduced to, love it. and that backdrop is so fun!

  2. How adorable! And your dress was gorgeous!!


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