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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Current Lusts {{Home Decor Style}}

While I realize the holidays just got over and I got more than what I ever could have dreamed of, I am still like Veruca Salt from Charlie and Chocolate Factory. I want all the things and I want them now! Only difference is, I know it will be a hot second before I get any of these things and I live on a budget. So, what is it that I am lusting after you ask? This go round, it is all home stuff. I have started to get ideas of what I would like our house to look like. We have been here a year, have done all the major remodel to the outside that needed to be done. Now, I would love to be able to focus on decorating and finishing some of the rooms.

Sonoma Console Table  I think that this would make a great entryway table for us. I like to keep candles and other items like that stored in the living room, so those baskets would be great for that! I also love the under shelf, with thoughts to put our wedding album and Royals Post Season album down there.

Starburst Mirror Set  I love the idea of mixing these into a gallery wall in our living room, in theory directly above the entry table mentioned.

Green San Miguel Vase  and Purple San Miguel Vase for the living room as well. We have a pretty dark pallet in our living room, which these could help brighten up. We also have the bookcases bracketing our fireplace that need filled.

LOVE Marquee Sign I really, really want one of these for our bedroom, but have no idea where to put it. The bedroom is the last room that we plan to decorate since we have been updating so much around the house and want to decorate the communal rooms first.

Shelf with Scroll Brackets  This would be to use above the kitchen sink. I enjoy having lotion and my ring holder next to the sink, but don't like having stuff cluttering our counters, since we don't have a ton of counter space as it is.

Where do you usually find good home decor? I generally stick to Kohls, Target and maybe TJ Maxx/Home Goods.

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  1. I'm a big fan of that console table! I'm using an old Ikea thing now that is falling apart. Where is the money tree???


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