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Thursday, December 11, 2014

From Ms. to Mrs. {{Venue and Decor, pt 2}}

I already told ya'll that I wanted my wedding to be vintage chic style, with a focus on Lavendar, Mint, and Grey as my colors... but I didn't tell ya'll that the ballroom of Morning Glory had ORANGE walls. So, my mom pulled off a miracle and made it all come together effortlessly.

In the Venue and Decor part 1 post, you guys got to see the bottom floor and guest book table. Here is the rest of the decor in the entry way where the guest book was located.

(P.S. You can thank me for the nakey baby photos later)

My Dad made these initials out of old Readers Digest books! We now have them in our house.

To the right of the entryway, was a sitting room. This is where we had a candy buffet and took some photos before the ceremony. 

I adore this picture. I sometimes stare at is just because I can. 

 We are both sugar addicts and had to do a candy buffet. I actually ate zero food and snacked from this during the party.

In the ballroom, we kept it simple. The piano was covered with lace and became our card/gift table, my dad made these huge paper pom pom displays for the faux windows, we hung paper lanterns from the chandeliers, and every single table had a different center piece. Every single table. No joke. It was fabulous. 

One wall had faux windows, so we wanted to cover them with festive decor. Enter in my ultra handy father, who made these 6 foot tall paper pom displays for each window. 

There were two huge, long wooden buffets that we used for food, booze, and the cake/cupcakes. 

This pretty little spot separated the booze from the nonalcoholic beverages. 

We kept all the wine and beer in these super cute tubs that had burlap bows attached. 

To hold the beer, we had koozies for our guests to take home. This was one of the items that I had to have. I love koozies and feel like they are useful gifts that people will use later. At one point, we ran out of beer and my Dad had to do a liquor store run to go buy more! After that we had too much and sent a case home with the DJ. Best tip ever. 

What party favors did you all use? What unique touches did you have at your wedding?


  1. Your decor is beautiful, I love that window with the pictures.. and everyone should have naked baby pictures at their wedding, haha! i am still not over how absolutely gorgeous your dress is! you look amazing!

  2. Such lovely details and I would totally stare at that picture all the time too - it's stunning!


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