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Monday, December 15, 2014

Weekend in Review: Birthday Edition

Another year has come and gone. Saturday was my for real birthday. I am now almost 30. I have a feeling that this post next year will be considerably more self-relfective. Right now, I am where I want to be, give or take a few things. I have worked hard this past year, had some ups and downs, but overall 28 was a great year. I got married, bought a new car, fixed up my first home.

To celebrate, I decided to be extremely low key. I originally thought Japanese Steakhouse with friends, then decided to do a me and boo night. We went to the Melting Pot, which is one of my favorite romantic night out spots. Unfortunately, it was not the romantic experience that we are used to, but no worries. We can play kiss face anywhere. We went for the Cheddar cheese fondue, which has lots of sharp, bold flavors. Then, the wedge salad, our go to at most places. Next, we had the Fondue Fusion, which is a little bit of everything (duck, stack, chicken, lobster) cooked in the red wine. Last, but certainly not least, our chocolate was the Dark and Dulce, a dark chocolate laced with sea slated caramel. DELISH! I have to admit, at that point we were both so full and the food so rich, we didn't even finish the plate of goodies.

Sunday, my parents came over and gave me the best gift ever. A scrapbook of the Royals season this year, specifically the Post Season. I will have to take some pictures to show you all. It is too amazing. I also got a little Salvador Perez, catcher for the Royals,  lego man to put with my Royals collection. 


  1. aw what a lovely birthday and gift. hope you had a great day!

  2. Happy belated birthday - absolutely love melting pot it really is a romantic spot!! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  3. i LOVE Melting Pot!! Happy Birthday lady!!

  4. I love going to Melting Pot- yum!! Happy 30th, lady!

  5. Your first birthday as a married woman!! Melting Pot is my FAVORITE! Happy dirty 30 you gorgeous gal :)


    1. I take it back. HAPPY 29TH. You still have one year to revel in being a wild 20 something ;)

  6. Happy belated birthday!! Sounds like you had a great year and celebrated in style!! :D


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