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Monday, December 1, 2014

Weekend in Review {{12.1.14}}

I'm sure we all did essentially the same thing this past weekend- ate a lot of food and saw family. That's what we did too. So instead of writing all about it I'll just give you some photos.

I lied, these two photos are from last weekend. I like to make G take selfies and told him he HAD to take a birthday selfie, so he indulged me.

This is Gabriel and his dad, Big Poppa. We went out to Capital Grille last weekend to celebrate their birthdays. 

Our Thanksgiving feast may have been a little different than most people. We decided to go with filet, crab legs, skrimp, and other yummy foods that aren't traditionally served. Best. Decision. Ever.

These were my meager offerings. I love to make bruschetta it is super easy and healthy! 

We then went to the Plaza for their annual lighting ceremony. Even though I have lived in KC my entire life, I don't remember ever having been for a lighting ceremony.

Gabriel, myself, and my Uncle Marty. Marty hosted our Thanksgiving wonderfulness. 

After the lighting ceremony, we went to the local neighborhood bar. And everyone had a hang over the next day, except for me. Turns out, shots of fireball will do that to you. 

Did you do anything super fun for the holiday?


  1. I got sick over the weekend, so definitely didn't do anything fun lol! ugh fireball, never again!

  2. Yum crab legs...I wouldn't turn those down!! Sounds like our kind of weekend, eating and drinking :)


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