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Thursday, December 4, 2014

From Ms. to Mrs. {{Venue and Decor, pt 1}}

In case you didn't know, I went from shacking up with my boo thang to an old married women this summer. You can read my day after re-cap here. Well, I am going to start telling you all more of the small details, so that you can enjoy the day with me. It has taken me a while to decide what all to share and how to share, but I knew that I wanted to share something. 

Our big day was something that we wanted to be unique and memorable. We both wanted to look back and go, that was just perfect and we really LOVED it! We also had a budget to stick to, so what did I do? I trolled blogs, out of date message boards, review sites, craigslist, anything! In doing this, I found the perfect spot to have our wedding.  Morning Glory Antiques, located in the Westport area of  Kansas City, Mo, has a gorgeous ballroom above it and a rich history. The store has tunnels that run under it from prohibition time, a working pulley elevator, and beautiful hardwood floors. 

To enter, you walked in the front door of Morning Glory Antiques. 

 To guide everyone, we put a sign out on the street. 

Just a little FYI--- Westport is one of the bar areas in town. So, there was a little dive bar across the street. It serves food out of crock pot. And has chalkboard bathroom walls. This is where the after party was. 

While we were taking photos, a BUNCH of our guests started to arrive. Some opted to pre-party at the always classy Dave's. 

This is one of my favorite photos. It is such a candid moment and is very representative of us. I am always on the look out for what's going on and talking, while G is focused on where we are supposed to be. 

 When you enter, it is legit their antique store. The area straight back is where the pulley elevator is, which Rick the owner and some of his friends very kindly helped some of our guests get up to the ballroom. The store itself was roped off with a red velvet rope. 

There were also festive holiday turkeys present and accounted for. 

From there, the guests walk up stairs to an entry way that had our guest book. 

My mom made ALL of the decor. ALL of it. She did the best, most amazing job on it. When I told her my dream was to have a vintage, shabby chic wedding, but NOT rustic she knew exactly what I wanted and delivered! She has the most amazing ability to imagine something and find the best items to make it look even better than you imagined. 

Next up will be a post on the Decor, again all made by my Momma! 

Where did you get married? Where do you want to get married?


  1. What a cool venue! I'm getting hitched this upcoming August and thankfully we've got some wicked good hook-ups (it helps to know people in high places!) so I'm pretty positive our cost will be fairly low! Score!

  2. looks awesome! so glad to see the photos!

  3. what a unique venue! and i just love your dress :)

  4. that is probably one of the most unique venues I've ever seen!!! Can't wait to see more!

  5. Absolutely awesome venue! I can't wait to see more pictures! Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your dress. The lace is so pretty!

  6. Beautiful pictures! Are you in Kansas City?

  7. Love the pictures! We got married at a state park lodge where we had our first date. I love that our wedding pics are on the trails we hiked on that first date.

  8. What gorgeous photos! You look so pretty and classic with that dress!! Very neat wedding location. Love it!

  9. What gorgeous photos! You look so pretty and classic with that dress!! Very neat wedding location. Love it!


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