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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Fall Goals Recap

bahaha so I was late to getting my Fall goals together and then I decided that I would go until the Winter Solstice so that I could give this my best effort. In case you weren't aware, the Winter Solstice was December 21st. Suck on that, it gave me an extra few weeks to meet my Fall goals! I also have to say thank you to Kathy, formerly of Vodka and Soda, for giving me some REALLY great organization advice! Thanks, boo! 

  • Get Organized and Down Size: I have a lot of stuff. I like to keep things forever and I know that I don't need to. I put these two things together, because I feel like they go hand in hand. 
    • Clean out Closets--- keep things I ACTUALLY wear and that fit. 
      • Hall (winter boots and scarves) Got rid of a pair of boots and 6 scarves. 
      • Guest Room (craft supplies, coats, and STUFF) Haven't even touched this closet besides coats/jackets, so I have plans to get it down over Christmas Break. The craft supplies are going to work with me. 
      • Bedroom (clothes and shoes, including under bed storage containers) I filled the guest room bed with clothes to donate and decided to try and re-sell a few nicer pieces. 
    • Clean Desk 
      • Start filing system (we have all our paperwork shoved into a drawer) Half Way started- got the filing system put together and started moving things over 
    • Clean Out Kitchen Cabinets
Overall Get Organized and Down Size Grade: B+ I got rid of a ton of stuff and am still in the process of finishing this goal, but it will be done by Jan 1. Also related, we cleaned out the garage and got rid of a TON of stuff there too AND I organized my office at work, getting rid of stuff to make room for my craft/art items to be moved there-- so I factored those into my grade as extra credit. 
  • Sell Said Stuff (or donate): Not only do I need to decide to get rid of stuff, I need to actually do it. Why do I need to keep the shirt someone gave me for Christmas 2 years ago that I've never worn?  
Overall Sell Said Stuff (or donate) Grade: B+ In the middle of doing this. It will be done by December 31st for tax purposes :) 
  • Stick to My Routine and WRITE It Down: I am thinking of starting a calendar in the kitchen that is there for both of us to see. Gabriel doesn't like surprises and I try to do a weekly run-down, but we both have a lot going on and can forget. We tried sharing iPhone calendars--- worst idea ever!  Didn't start a shared calendar-- am looking for a cute one on clearance now. 
    • Workout- I love to walk when it is this time of the year, but I need to do more than that. Didn't really do much with this goal truthfully. I stuck to what I usually do, which is inconsistent. 
    • Cleaning (including the dreaded laundry) because the house gets NASTY during the wet months with the dogs. We did a big deep clean, I have been keeping up with the laundry weekly, am doing kitchen clean up 3x/week. 
    • Cooking- I would like to eat out one less meal. We have been eating out 1 weeknight, Friday night, Saturday morning and night. I meal plan, so that keeps us within a set budget and gives us a weekly menu. We started eating in on Sundays nights and weekend one breakfast about a year ago, so this has been a slow work in progress. This has been better. It wasn't perfect, but definitely better. The extra meal in per week fluctuated between being a Friday night or weeknight depending.  If a weeknight, it was usually a frozen pizza. But, that frozen pizza was planned and on the meal prep menu, which now hangs on the side of the fridge. 
Overall Stick to My Routine and WRITE It Down Grade: C- I didn't do so hot with changing my workout routine, didn't start a mutual calendar, but did do really well with keeping the house clean during this nasty weather and with meal prep. I have a goal of finding a cute chalkboard or something like that to use as a weekly calendar for us and have talked to G about putting it by the garage door where he can see it as he enters/leaves. This wouldn't be such a big thing, but I teach night classes throughout the semester, take classes sporadically, have parent/teacher nights intermittently at my schools, etc. and he frequently forgets when I verbally tell him on Sundays.... So a communication board is a must! 

I loved hearing how you all organized your life, so if you have any more tips SHARE! 

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