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Thursday, December 18, 2014

From Ms. to Mrs. {{Getting Ready & Photos}}

The day of the wedding, I got up and worked out, loaded my car (cough, Jen's car I didn't have a car, cough) full of food in coolers, and off we went to the venue to help set up and decorate. Mostly, I just did what my Mom told me to do. It's safer that way. I was so incredibly lucky that many of my parent's good friends, my family and my two good friends came to help with all this. At 2pm, Jen, Kala, and I went to the hotel to get ready.

This is the only photo from the hotel time. We didn't have a photographer during this time and I got ready with Jen and Kala.  Leslie from Classically Chic Designs did our hair and makeup. My mom also came and got her hair done after a bit. The girls and I ordered pizza, listened to guilty pleasure music and had fun! My goal was to have big, bouncy hair with lots of volume, so I totally used clip in extensions. I also wanted to make sure my eyes popped and my makeup stayed on all day, so I had air brushed makeup done and lashes applied. You guys, if you ever are on the fence about extensions, air brush makeup, or false lashes JUST DO IT! They are all totally worth it and make a huge difference. 

At 5pm, Gabriel showed up so that we could go take photos with Barbara Danielle

My bouquet is something I will keep forever. I made it. Blood, sweat, and a whole lot of hot glue later I had a bouquet that I love. 

Our bling. This is also one of my favorite photos. Gabriel did such a good job picking out my rings. For his, he chose a brushed platinum band. 

I really loved the time that Gabriel and I had taking photos, we just walked around Westport and it was really easy going. We didn't have any specific shots that we wanted, so much as we wanted pictures of each other having fun. 
(Kissing is fun, right?!)

This was a candid shot as I was doing touchups. It is such a great picture because that's my dad standing in the reflection of the mirror. How cool is that?! 

What's your favorite wedding photo?


  1. Ooooh I love these so so much! I can't wait for my big day! P.S. you are so incredibly gorgeous! :)

  2. I love your dress! You look gorgeous in it! Congrads!

  3. So adorable! I can't believe you got up and worked out on your wedding day! Get it girl.


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