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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May Goals

I want to make sure that I continue to make every moment of my days count, so I am writing up some May goals for myself. 

Take another class at the gym weekly- I have been taking yoga 2x and Pilates 1x per week, so I would like to go outside my comfort zone and add the Monday night Barbell Strength class to this as well. If I understand correctly, it is extremely similar to Body Pump. 

Drink more water- I have been slacking on this one lately, so I want to make it a priority again. I will just not drink anything all day, then go home and drink a little bit of water. Not cutting it, Tracie. 

Clean out guest room- I took out my warm weather shoes from storage and just plopped them into the guest room. I need to switch out the shoes, clean out the closet (nope, still haven't done it), and take the donate pile of stuff to the thrift store. I have to wonder why I always have something guest room related on my goals... 

Set aside $100- We leave for Mexico June 14th and will be gone 9 days, then July 19th is my 1 year anniversary, and I also have to renew my social work license in June/July. so I have been planning for all that. I want to make sure I have enough cash on hand to shop, leave tips, and go on outings in Mexico. I get paid on the 20th of each month, so technically I will get paid while we are there, but I still want to make sure I have more than enough prior to leaving. I have been setting money aside for  these big events the past few months... which has greatly affected by shopping habits. 

My overall goal this month is to not get too crazy with money/shopping and my time, there seems to be parties galore- wedding showers, retirement parties, baby showers, end of year happy hours... You name it, I've got it this month so I want to make sure that I am still conscious and aware of how I am spending my time AND my money. 

What are some of your goals?


  1. Saving money is such a struggle! We have all these fabulous ambitions of saving SO. MUCH. every month and then reality hits and we just HAVE to throw a party, or HAVE to buy x, y, and z, and then we watch those savings dwindle. Mexico will be a blast!! Have an awesome time!

  2. I always have something spare room related on my lists too. Everything gets dumped there, what can I say. We need to be setting some $$ aside right now too. Why do I have to want all of the things?

  3. My spare room/office is always a struggle to keep clean! Great goals! Drinking water and less diet soda is on my list, i was doing good until work got stressful!

  4. Did you somehow read the goals in my mind this month? I seriously need to step it up at the gym (and I want to try a class!), I HAVE to get my guest room cleaned out because we might have a renter soon, I need to start upping my water intake because it has dropped off drastically, and I REALLY need to save money for the bachelorette party in NOLA in June! I'm super jealous about you going to Mexico though, I want a sit on a lounge chair and relax vacation so bad!

  5. good luck with your goals!! that class at the gym sounds awesome, i used to love body pump but i can't find it offered anywhere around here. good luck with your saving - we are going to europe in june and i have been really diligent with saving and not shopping!

  6. i hear you on the water! i'm working on choosing happiness!!


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