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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Humpday Confessions {{5.13.15}}


This week has been a long, but good one. There is a lot of stuff going on at work between state testing, the end of the year, field trips and my normal every day stuff.  As a social worker, I get the same contract as teachers, so Friday, May 22nd is my last day with students and my official day before summer! Woot! That just means I have a lot of stuff to sort through, tons of groups/kids to close down, AND lots of kids all over the place emotionally.

Either way, it's time for my Humpday Confessions. If you've never done these, you totally should. It's the best way to let all your guilty little secrets out... or just verbal vomit all over the place. Your choice.

Making Melissa

I fucked up my budget this month big time. I went through paying bills like I usually do and life went on... only I forgot to pay a bill, spent that money... and had to pay the bill from my savings account. Big time fail. Epic fail.  
I've never seen a meme so true.
I took a sick day last week because I thought I was a 12 year old who jet got her period for the first time mine was so bad. I literally thought about writing shark week as the reason for using a leave day.  All I needed was an extra large maxi pad, braces, and my glasses and I would have had flashbacks to 6th grade.


I truly have no idea why, but yesterday I ate 2 bags of chips. Granted, they were the small bags... but, I just sat and ate them while working. Like a little piglet. Funyuns at work? Who does that?! This little piggie, that's who. 

If you make your blog too hard for me to read, I just skip it... then I just unfollow it if it happens a lot. And by too hard for me to read, I mean if I have to click a picture to get to the post or click a read more button. Too much work. If I have to do more than click your post from my bloglovin, you better be the most awesome post ever. EVER! 

That Likeittoknowit shit is pissing me off. Again, I am lazy. I really don't want to like your picture (which, BTW I don't really like) to have to go to my email to find out where your shoes are from. And on that note, as for all the suggested items make them items that any basic b----- can afford. Just sayin. 


  1. Nothing annoys me quite like the 'click to read more' button. I hate it so much.

  2. I ALWAYS add all the shit to my cart and then shut down my computer..... Always. If I'm still considering anything in the next week or so, I might go back and get it, otherwise, it was clearly just impulsive!

  3. The Red More button is so annoying. I really don't want an email either to tell me where you got something, just tag it.

  4. Nooooo why did you have to say funyuns???? I literally said something about them yesterday and have wanted them ever since. The texting to say you aren't pregnant meme!!!! I laughed so hard at that!!!! Also, I always have that common white girl problem. Like whoa.

  5. hahaha yes i'm like suggested items my ass, i can't afford that!!
    the like to know it emails annoy me but i always forget, till i check my email lol.
    i had 2 bags of chips today and one yesterday. oops.

  6. Hehehehe Love this post and the memes.

  7. these confessions are on point. first with the periods #RAGE. it's bad enough we have to deal with the hormones and shit but the cramps and the bleeding and the everything else that comes with it? just no.

    there are several bloggers who have changed their blog format and now have it like a newspaper layout with a read more button or some shit like that. i just skip over it. don't make me work to read your shit since i already have enough to do.

  8. Your memes are too funny!! I'm so out of the loop on the seems kind of annoying though.


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