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Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Favorites

Things are pretty low key around this way. I'm wrapping up summer vacation and starting to prepare for getting back in the groove of work. I met one of my new principals this week, finding out that the storage half of my room will be removed and I will have an entire room this year! YAY! On that happy note, here are some of the things I've been crushing on lately.

Fave etsy Finds 
As the Royals season goes on, I always start to want new Royals bling. Just to torture myself, I looked up things on etsy.  Want. All. The. Things.

Fave Song

DJ Snake and Aluna George -"You Know You Like It"

I love just about anything by DJ Snake, so this is my jam and on repeat. 

Fave TV Show

Ya'll if you haven't watched this show, I think it's def worth it. It's funny in the "WTF that is exactly like my life" way, not the scripted kind of funny. That and in one of the episodes Leah and her family discuss their leaving Scientology, in another how Leah doesn't look at her vagazzle & doesn't let her hubs either, and yet another about how she goes to therapy.  How much more real does that get?! Worth an hour of your life, swear.

Fave Recipe

I totally adapted this Brown Butter Gnocchi recipe to fit my needs. And by that I mean I used store bought gnocchi, added protein (chicken), and took out the cheese. But other than that, totally the same recipe. It was delish. 

Fave Purchase 

This shirt doesn't look amazing in this picture, but it fits perfect and the gold foil dots are slightly vintagey faded looking. It dresses up cute shorts and the neckline looks great with a statement necklace. Bonus? On sale for 9.99 and you can use whatever Kohls coupons you have. 


  1. That is a cute shirt. I have to stay off Etsy too, there's just so many things! All sports related, I agree. It makes Christmas shopping easy though, since everyone in my boyfriend's family is obsessed with the Blackhawks. One trip to Etsy and I can order everything :)

  2. Nice to see another Royals fan on here!! : ) : )

  3. Etsy is a black hole of time and money haha!!! I love gnocchi and I think it is crazy that everyone has been posting recipes for it lately. My mom used to make it out of left over mashed potatoes when we were younger. I haven't heard of that show. Is it reality? I will have to check it out. Have a great weekend!

  4. oooh that polka dot shirt is so cute!
    meanwhile, is it bad that i want all the KC stuff because my husband's name is KC? hahaha

  5. I'm going to need to go buy that shirt tomorrow! And I love the Leah Remini show too. She cracks me up!

  6. Leah seems so down to earth and the whole Scientology thing freak me out so it would interesting to hear her take on it.

  7. i love etsy! i just wish the sellers wouldn't charge so damn much for their stuff!


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