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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Wal-Mart Beauty Box Review {{Summer 2015}}

I got my Wal-Mart  beauty box subscription this past week. Wal-Mart boxes ship seasonally, meaning 4 per year, and only cost $5! They are filled with a variety of coupons, sample packets, travel size samples, and full size products. This to me is worth the $5 price tag. You can go here to get your own.

For the summer box, there was a bunch of goodies that I am excited to try. 

  • Neutrogena Healthy Volume Mascara: (travel size) excited to try this waterproof, clump free, volumizing mascara. 
  • Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy: (travel size) I will definitely use this at some point, my scalp does get flaky during the winter which is rapidly approaching. I like the idea that hair gets stronger while your scalp gets the TLC it needs. 
  • Nivea Soft Creme: (travel size) I plan on throwing this in my purse. It has a light scent, goes on clean and non-greasy, and feels great on your hands. 
  • John Frieda Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray: (travel size) this has a light scent and I am excited to try it in my hair to see if it leaves a crispy feel. It touts that it texturizes and is non-drying, so we'll see on that one. 
  • NYC Felt Tip Liquid Liner: (Full size) super excited by this eyeliner. I love to use gel liners and other precision eye liners and this one has a double sided tip, so that you can create a thick, full line or a smaller, softer line. 

There was also a few smaller samples that you can see in the picture, but the one I was most shocked by was the You & I perfume by One Direction. It has notes of fresh fruit and seasonal flowers, with an undertone of musk. It smelled good! I wish that sample had been larger, as it was only one application. 

Has anyone else tried the Wal-Mart Beauty Box yet? 


  1. I cant wait to hear your thoughts on the John Frieda Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray!! I have heard great things and have been wanting to try it. I went to buy some at Target last week but that line went on clearance and they only had the detangling conditioner. No sea salt spray. Target faill!

  2. That is one of my favorite Shampoos! I love the Walmart beauty box, it's so affordable and I always forget about it seasonally! There were some great picks this box!



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