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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Humpday Confessions {{1.13.16}}

I've got some confessions to share, so here we go! If you want some more juicy stuff, go check out Nadine and Kathy!

As much as I made fun of Katy Perry's Bump It at the Golden Globes, I totally owned one at some point in my adult life. #AsSeenOnTV

I also never wore my Bump It out of the house, because I could never figure out how to get it covered with my hair. #Failure #IfKatyPerryCanDoItICanDoIt

At work there is a big social media kick, so I started a professional Twitter account... and tweeted the following picture and referenced our trainings... #awesomeemployee

I'm horrible at making with hashtags, so this is my first time I've tried this link up #ButImVeryPunny #GetIt? #Punny?

I've been watching Biggest Loser and it still doesn't fat shame my junk food eating ass #FatKidProbs 

We booked a sexy vacation for next year, just the two of us. I went to price check it against Costco and realized I spent about $300 more than the Costco price! WTF?! Why did I not think to price check BEFORE we paid the other company?! #ImTooCheapForThisShit #CostcoAlwaysWins #ThePictureIsTheTruth

What are your confessions this week?


  1. What vacation did you book?!? I'm obsessed with the biggest loser! I get so into it and I cry every single week, I just can't help it. I feel so many emotions for those people.

  2. I didn't even know about Costco's travel thing until Amanda posted it yesterday. Where are you off too??? I probably dont have enough hair to make a bump it work for me #thinhairprobs

  3. oh my gosh, i was so conflicted with the costco travel thing. it was cheaper at costco for our upcoming cruise, but it wasn't the exact one and i wanted to support a blogger / travel agent i know.. but yeah the price difference was quite a bit. womp womp.

  4. Costco is the best! And yes you nailed the hashtags! I was just telling a coworker that Costco has great travel deals. Still I need to make some money before I can even afford it from Costco. But hey, a sexy vacation is a sexy vacation right?! Very exciting!

  5. My hashtags are sometimes (most of the time) completely ridiculous. But, oh well. I entertain myself. I don't know if Australian Costco has a travel department, but I'm going to check that out.

  6. I keep hearing that Costco has amazing travel deals. It's definitely a place I need to check out for possible honeymoon travel plans! I had a bump it in college & could never figure out how to get it to stay either. Haha, it looked ridiculous so I'm pretty sure it ended up in trash shortly after I bought it.

  7. make sure to read the fine print on costco deals. the dollar at face value can be tempting but we booked a car rental through costco that saved us over $150 but when we went to claim the car, we had to pay extra fees for shit so we ended up paying more than if we had gone with Budget (our original plan)!!! RAGE.

  8. Ha! The bump it! I remember that and never got one because I was pretty positive I wouldn't be able to get my hair to cover it.

    I hate learning that I have paid more for something AFTER it is too late to return it. I have compared Costco trips and some are better than others.

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