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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

I love going to the baseball game, but lately I've been more into the tailgating portion of the game. I love the little baby grill that we have and would roll around with the veggie kabobs we make. Since we are in public, I generally try to keep it more classy and just moan while I eat their gloriousness. We literally went to the Royals game and spent until the 6th inning in the parking lot. If some people that is a huge waste of money, it's all good because the Mister's dad gave us the tickets. We got the hook up. We were directly next to home plate in the fourth row. Truthfully, if we had known what pimpass seats these were we probably would have came in sooner... not much sooner since booze and food that we already paid for was with us in the parking lot and the Royals sucked it up. We did get to see Eric Hosmer hit a home run! Which resulted in Jen screaming "I love you and will have your Wolverine babies!" Why Wolverine you ask? I'll let you figure out for yourself. And we were so close, I'm sure that he heard her cray cray ass screaming about Wolverine and was all WTF? Oh, baseball the American past time and favorite sport of drunk asses everywhere.

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  1. LOL!!

    i love wolverine too. when i saw that movie, i had to change my underwear HAHA!

    Vodka and Soda


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