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Monday, September 16, 2013

Why My A$$ Hurts Today

I totally love looking like a sexy beast, but I hate, no loathe working out. I sweat like a pig and smell horrible. My hair gets all nasty and I no longer look cute. I get that is how you know you worked out and shit, but damn can a girl not maintain some semblance of pretty while working out? My face gets all sweaty, which makes my makeup run…. Making me look crazy as fuck.

 photo 4152164402_e827a3101e_zps20ed801f.jpg
Minus the cig (although it does make him look super cool),
this is what I look like after working out.

On this note, I started C25k on Sunday. I do not run. I have never been a runner. In high school, I was the girl run/walking my mile in gym and carrying my inhaler while doing it. I was that cool. But, I have come to the realization that I cannot be dependent upon my elliptical and cannot use not having it available as an excuse to be a lazy ass. That is how I currently have a food baby growing. Not a cute look on me. So, I took Tigger on Day1 of C25k and he LOVED it. Me? I tolerated it. I wasn’t sore at all after, but today? Today, is my office day for work and my ass hurts from sitting in my chair. It’s actually more of the saddlebag area that hurts.

 photo tumblr_mqgpp0Mg951ro3593o1_500_zps343ff57e.gif

 photo tumblr_mqgpp0Mg951ro3593o2_500_zps623e2400.gif
I understand. I truly understand.
So, to all my runners out there--- What are your tips, tricks, and advice to make me hate this less?


  1. LOL running was never my thing. in highschool, i always "had my period" during run days.

    however, couch to 5K was a program that allowed me to tolerate running because back then, i didn't like running because i didn't know how to run. weird right? you have to LEARN how to run in order to run and enjoy it.

    that said, road running sucks major bag. i'm sorry to any road runners out there but how i fell in love with running is through running trails. now, all i can think about is running those trails because there's so much variety and awesomeness i can hardly stand it.

    so perhaps it's the road itself that is boring and you need to spice things up ie. run some trails?

    Vodka and Soda

  2. My dad and brothers are runners, and it really makes me question where I come from (sometimes). Kidding. In all seriousness, I REALLY despise running, but it is the only way I seem to be losing weight. SO.
    What I have begun doing is interval running (either outside or on the treadmill). I can sweat buckets, run and still catch a break without feeling like I might have a collapsed lung. I have never been (or considered) myself a runner, but I used to run about 5 miles a day. Once I got my pace & breathing down it wasn't as bad! I always have to have killer music on, too (like right now my warm up music is Roar by Katy Perry - it motivates me!).

  3. I wish I had some tips for you. My sister gave me a shirt that says "RUNNING SUCKS." And I love that shirt. I have tried to run. I even used to go for runs three times a week. I'd go for three miles. I could never run the whole way, but I'd do the walk/run thing. I eventually gave up because, well, running sucks. I *may* pick it back up after the baby gets here though. Because I'm pretty sure cookie, I mean, baby weight will suck more than running.


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