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Friday, July 11, 2014

Here I Am!

I am just gonna be real honest here. There is a shit ton of stuff going on and I could give you a half assed post about fluff or some already written scheduled post that I don't know when I wrote, or I could be honest.


I am enjoying being home with my man. That is how I want to spend my time. Take that how you will :) Dirty whores.

I am getting married in one week. I need to focus on doing shit for that. Soon, I will post so much wedding shit that you will want me to shut up.

I have friends and family coming into town that I want to spend time with and enjoy while they're here. I want to pretend I'm 21 again. Just for a day.

I'm getting my ass in shape, so I look sexy as fuck. Yes, I work out on the regs, but I have sooo much more available while we go  to the community center. So, I have been learning to run. Yup, run.

I have homework to do. That I hate saying. I have until early August to finish my classes. Best and worst decision I've ever made. Gonna get that money!

So... I'll see you when I see you! Love ya hoes!

Oh, and don't forget--- Leave all the marriage advice you wish someone gave you below! I love me some advice and can't wait to hear yours.


  1. marriage advice: on the big day, don't sweat the small stuff!

    get all chores assigned to each person so you never have to talk about it again. not joking about this either. list out every single annoying house chore that needs to be done and assign a name to each list. agree and then throw it out. this way you won't have to get pissed that he didn't take out the garbage because he thought you would even though you cooked and washed the dishes.

    that whole "dont go to bed angry" bullshit? just that - bullshit. sometimes a good night sleep is what you need to clear your head.

    BE HONEST. if he's acting like a dick, tell him and tell him why. talk about it, then squash it. i know so many women who aren't honest when they argue with their spouse and then those issues that never got resolved make their way into another fight so eventually, you're fighting about EVERYTHING instead of just that one impossible fight to resolve.


  2. Good luck on your wedding and have a great break!! You should definitely be focusing on all of that! Congrats on your wedding and best wishes!

  3. Whoop congratulations Tracy! Can't wait to see the dress and flowers and cake and EVERYTHING!


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