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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Humpday Confessions

Ya'll it's about to get real up in this mutha. It's time for my Humpday Confessions, with Kat at Vodka and Soda. Here we go!

My car died. Like spewed oil all over my parents driveway and had metal bits flying out of it. Fuck this. I spent $50 getting a new belt and spark plugs for that f-er and it died?! That's actually more what I'm mad about. Could it not have died prior to the $50? Just give me something. 

I love me some little people. Has anyone watched Little Women LA? Cuz if you haven't you should. Ha-fucking-larious. Boob jobs, booty shaking, and booze. It's like the Real Housewives, just they're little. 

I was slamming ass on those 5 classes...then I realized I don't really want to do home work, so the mojo is gone. Instead, I am just typing shit and hitting submit. Bam.

While avoiding homework and watching Little Women LA, I ate almost an entire bag of Goldfish. But, they say they're whole grains, so I'm counting that as healthy. I mean, it could have been the bag of Doritos that could feed all the children in Africa. 

Oh, and I stink. I have the worst possible BO ever. Like I smell like dirty poon all the time. Only my poon isn't dirty, it's my armpits that are stinky as f. I'm not too sweaty, just sitting around I start to smell. Watching tv. In the car. So, I have started to shower with antibacterial soap and use wet wipes throughout the day. #keepinitclassy

What are your confessions?

Vodka and Soda


  1. LMFAO I love that you confessed to being stinky HAHAHA

  2. The car now!! Good God I feel like you could use a break :) I hate when you spend money on a car and then something else comes is the worst. We just got a new car b/c the other one was getting older and we had it in the shop and then like a week later some other issue came up and it was hard to decide to keep throwing money into it or just get a new one...I hate having to deal with car stuff.

  3. Goldfish and Cheez-its are so hard to stop eating once you start!

  4. OMFG your dirty poon pits HAHHAHAHA!! girl, use tea tree oil. mix two drops of the oil in with your moisturizer and apply to your pits. also, drink LOTS of water; that will help.

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  5. You had me laughing throughout this post :)))


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