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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Humpday Confessions

It's time to hump along with Kathy! If you don't know what I'm talking about, go check it out!
Vodka and Soda

Has anyone else just had that one person who irks you? The one you just want to punch in the face? Yup, that person is a whole building for me. So much so, that I just hide away when I am in this building. Whatever, I don't even care.

When in meetings, I just want to yell "shut the f up!" to the people who ask questions that are specific to them and the others who yell out, "I figured it out" 5 minutes later. I'm sorry, but there is a group of 40 other people who do not care. At all. DO NOT CARE. I don't care that your outlook reminders pop up after you're meeting has started. I do not care that you can't figure out how to pin chrome to your dashboard. I do not care, Sam I am. 

We got our Thank You cards in on Friday! Did I start writing them? Nope, I admired them and put them back in the box. They are so pretty though, thank you Shutterfly. But do you know when I did start writing them? In a training yesterday. While writing this post. I can multi-task like you wouldn't believe. 

I have thought about taking pictures of my super awesome outfits to post on here... but then I realized, I don't really have a clean full length mirror, and I don't want to clean it just for that. Or take one in the bathroom at work. Yuk. I'll stick with my headshot selfies. You're welcome.


  1. Ha yes I hate the meeting monopolizers! So frustrating, can't they ask their questions later?

  2. i cut off bitches who say useless shit during meetings pronto. don't even care if i'm rude. i'll legit say: "we aren't talking about that issue; let's park your comment and get back to it later" which is a PC way of saying "STFU no one cares"

    thanks for linking up!

  3. I hate people that ask stupid questions in meetings.

  4. We were on a loooong boring call today and one of my co-workers forgot to put her phone on mute and said, "This is the most boring meeting ever". It really was and I almost peed my pants.

  5. People that ask ridiculous questions in meetings make me irrationally angry. It reminds me of school all over again with the one dumb ass in every class that makes you stay late. Just stop! Ask the ridiculous questions on your own time!!!!!!!

  6. Amen to multitasking. How would us girls get anything done without it? I also have the same dilemma with outfits... I don't want to use my bathroom mirror or beg the BF to take one so my good outfit days go to waste. Ughhhhh...

  7. Bahahah "not sure if good at multitasking or bad at concentrating" is totally my life. I always have multiple tabs open at once and people can't ever figure out how I keep them all straight. I just flip back and forth and when I get bored with one thing, I continue doing another. I get so much done that way!

  8. I love the multitasking!! Some people just cannot shut up! Sounds like the school you is starting off as expected :)


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