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Monday, September 8, 2014

Sunday Funday

Holy sunburn, Batman. In honor of football season officially starting, I went and got myself a pretty lobster-tastic sunburn on my arms while tailgating at the KC Chiefs game yesterday. The best part? The tan line. You can def tell where my short sleeves ended and where my watch was. The high of 72 seemed so innocent, yet it definitely was not.

Pre-sunburn selfie! 

We had some pretty awesome seats. We were 20 rows back, which is pretty perfect. You can see the entire field, yet are still close enough to heckle. 

I love watching the pre-show, it makes me excited to see the game! There were hundreds of balloons released, fireworks, and fire! Turns out, it's hard to take photos of fireworks and fire, so enjoy the balloons. 

My in-laws take us tailgating at the Chiefs and they always have AMAZING food. So, I decided to break out one of our wedding gifts and attempt to participate in the food. I have to recommend making an overnight cobbler. It was easy and everyone said it tasted good. 

Did any of you go to your season opener? What's your fave tailgate food to bring?


  1. I got sunburned this weekend too - it's like the sun wanted to get one last one in there before it disappears for winter. Ugh...

  2. An overnight cobbler? Sounds good! I had not heard of it before.


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