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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Food I Could Eat Forever

As we are all aware, I love to eat. If I could roll around with some chili cheese fries and make love to a chinese buffet, I would. With no shame I might add. My desire to have everything in my mouth is one of the reasons why I need to work out more. Meh, I'll just keep working out at my minimal level and eating everything in sight. I'm good with that. I thought I'd share some of my all time fave foods with you today, so that you can see I am an equal opportunity food lover.
  • Fried chicken...who doesn't love crispy chicken titties? They taste sooo good with hot sauce! Not to be confused with chicken strips, cuz those are totally different.
  • Gummi bears... need I say more?
  • Pad Thai... I love it in all variations. It can have chicken, shrimp, tofu it doesn't matter. I will eat it no matter what.
  • Chips... again, it can be any kind. I love hot fries, cheetos (puffy not crunchy), BBQ, kettle chips. Or you could make a big bowl of mixed chips and it would be like a buffet, but different. I also love leaving behind little cheesy handprints.
  • Salad... Not a lie. I don't joke or kid on this one. I nkow it doesn't seem to go with, but salads are so versatile they can be anything! They can be filled with every texture known to man. I love to top mexican style with tortilla strips, so I can be healthy AND have chips! Salads are a win-win all the way around.
  • Chinese Food... I do understand this is a food group, but I couldn't list out every single thing I love on the chinese buffet and nobody would want to read that. I even love to eat plain rice, but onyl if it's cooked correcly.  #chinesefoodiseverything

What are your faves? I love trying new food, so tell me!


  1. a really good romanian meat treat called Mici (pronounced "meech") is amazing. i can eat so many but it's not that healthy for you and gives you the worst gas! but i love them :)

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I eat salad every single day. I crave it if I dont get it. I also agree on the chinese food. and mexican too, i could never get sick of either!

  3. I LOVE gummi bears but do admit sometimes I get a sick feeling if I eat too many. Pad thai is my go-to order at a lot of places and I always have chips at my desk (so bad!).


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