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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year Guilty Pleasures

So when thinking about a new year I like to think about the all the things that are guilty pleasures that I won't give up, no matter what. I think this is so much more fun than the bullshit resloutions that I will never keep. Let's be real here ya'll, you are either gonna get your shit together and make changes or not. The new year is not your aha moment, sorry to tell you.

Guilty Pleasures...

- Watching other people... I can't help it ya'll. Creepily watching others unashamedly is the funniest, cheapest entertainment there is in the world. It is even better if the people are fighting. Or if you are at a bar. Bars are the bets people watching playgrounds. Generally, people don't even notice or if they do notice me watching unashamedly watching them they assume I cannot be crass enough to actually be watching them. Sorry, bitches, I am watching you, make no bones about it. And no, you making eye contact with me won't get me to stop. Why? Because my ass is that astounded/amused that you are doing WHATEVER the fuck you are doing in public to get me to look in the first place.

- Rap music... Yup, this white girl loves her some A$AP Rocky, E-40, B.o.B., Juicy J, 2 Chainz... the raunchier/more obnoxious the better. I can't help myself, I like to shake my ass. Especially in the office sitting at my desk. I love that nobody else knows I'm sitting here silently judging them while listening to "Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe." Rap music just has it right. And they are some sexy ass men. Then end. Well, minus Rick Ross. I do love the velour track suit, but can you please put a fucking shirt on sir?! Unless, the chest hair counts as a shirt, then I got mad respect.
- Instagram... This is like people watching, but different. This is people watching, but classier and without the bullshit drama of facebook. I get to see bitches looking ratchet and healthy food all in one place. I love me a good selfie, but the selfies that some people take are too much. And the reactions to some peoples pictures are too fucking much. I have never seen people get defensive and defend an internet personality until Instagram. And I use internet personality loosely.


  1. people watching is the best. same with eavesdropping. there are times my husband and i aren't even talking to each other because we're listening in on other people's conversation!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. i have the exact same guilty pleasures esp. people watching i am straight up a creep about it sometimes!

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  4. Hi Tracie, a fellow Tracey stopping by to say I loved this post!


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