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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

He's Here!!!

In my group of friends we all pretend to be adults. I mean we're all closer to 30 (or are) than we are 21. And we have to chekc that horrible box that says 25-37 age group. But, none of us has had a baby. As of 1/27/2014 at 10:10pm that is a lie. One of us now has a baby. Baby Lanning was is here now! One of my best friends from college, Lucy has had her baby boy. I am super, duper excited. And against what I would have ever expected, so is Gabriel. He has been obsessed over Baby L since we found out Lucy was having a baby. I mean there was this little human that lived inside Lucy for 9(+) months and now he is here. He is real.

And this happened. Gabriel is so obsessed with Lanning that he has called him "his" baby since we felt him kicking. Just to clarify, Lanning's father is named Steve. Steve is Lucy's husband. Not Gabriel. Gabriel is my fiancee. This ain't no sister wife shit. There, now that that's all cleared up.


  1. aww so cute!! congrats to your friend and welcome to the world baby lanning :)

    Vodka and Soda

  2. yay for babies that aren't yours!! they are the best kind!! Congrats :)


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