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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Living Room Project


Since buying this house we have done tons and tons of work on it! We chose to buy a house that we could make our own. The only problem is that we are both such instant gratification people. We want it to look perfect now!

The only downside to that is… neither one of us truly has home improvement skills J We have been using my dad, Big T, for everything! Luckily, he loves coming over and helping. Or at least he pretends like he does for his baby girl. Yes, I realize I am spoiled. No, I do not intend to stop asking my daddy to do things for me.

This go round, we wanted to update the living room. We want people to walk in the front door and say, “Wow this looks beautiful!” To do this, we couldn’t have the old grungy fireplace and bare walls. So, I whitewashed the brick and took out the doors of the fire place and spray painted them black with Rustoleum high heat paint. I have to admit, that can of paint is the best $3.97 ever spent!

The boys built a new mantle, added cabinets, made book shelves, and put up crown molding. They did all of these things in only three days! They worked super, insanely quickly to get this job done before it got too cold to work outside and in the garage. I have to admit, The Mr. loves learning how to use table saws and create things.
After they did all of that, we painted everything white and I am loving it!  
I really feel like the living room looks so much cleaner, brighter, and suprisingly bigger. I have more pictures of the actual process itself, but thought the before and after pictures were the most important!
Now, it's on to decorating.


  1. i love it!! i have zero decorating skills and DIY skills and i'm so thankful that my hubs can so i make him do that shit while i supervise, tell him he's doing it wrong all while sitting on the couch drinking wine #likeaboss.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Great haha! this is really cool, good luck!

  3. Looks great! And a girl should never stop asking her Daddy to do things for her. :)


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